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  • Young Plasma Clinical Trial

    Our son was offered an opportunity to participate in the Young Plasma Clinical Trial for MS. Has anyone heard anything about it or been involved with it? We would appreciate your feedback.



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    Lots of benefits but no one size fits all.

    I can't speak to this clinical trial in particular but I am a participant in a a clinical trial and I think its benefiting me in a couple less than obvious ways.

    Number one is that I'm much more closely monitored than I would otherwise be. I did have a relapse while in it which was treated immediately whereas, it would likely have dragged out for a few weeks first if I had not been in a trial (my relapses tend to start slowly and build, not come on suddenly).

    The other benefit is psychological. I need to know I'm doing everything possible and this helps with that.

    A couple of caveats
    If your son has relapsing remitting ms then the control arm should be some approved therapy not placebo. If progressive MS then the only approved therapy (and may not be approved where you live) is Ocrevus so for progressive MS it likely must be placebo control.

    The side affects and risks are less well known in trials. For me the unknown risk of my trial is less scary than certain brain damage so I choose to participate. Others feel differently.

    There is no one size fits all but I personally have no regrets about my participation even though my disease progression has not been zero since in it.

    Best of luck whatever he chooses to do.