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  • Another great resource

    Hey everyone,
    I’ve stumbled upon this site and thought it would be a great one to share.
    Happy New Year!!

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    Here’s the link!


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      It looks very interesting, I will definitely check it out!


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        Thanks for the link, Lmh. There is a lot of information on that page. I read through some parts about diet and microbiota and it seemed reliable.


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          Resources on internet - use caution

          I am always open for new sources of info about MS and ways to be connected. That is why this forum is so special, even almost a sacred place where us with MS can support each other. This place is NOT used to sell us anything.

          For this reason I make friendly observation to all of you that this new resource link you suggest is actually a pharmaceutical and biotech marketing firm. It is registered in the state of Massachusetts as a business that provides marketing And sales training services and engages in any activities necessary to forgoing company. Also the privacy statement appears to suggest it will use/sell any info you provide it.
          So of course, we all want “patient education” but we don’t want it in disguise or done to support the highest bidder, or worse, our testimonials about our lives and MS experiences sold without our knowledge.

          I remind everyone to please be aware of the source of health info and that we keep eye on this forum , this one place in the universe that we can speak freely about MS and have genuine support from other MSers and keep it free from sales/ marketing efforts.