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Main website undergoing redesign—advice, recommendations?

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  • Main website undergoing redesign—advice, recommendations?

    Hey gang, I'm embarking shortly on a major redesign of the main website, It's long overdue, as there are some two+ books worth of informative content. But it's become a hodgepodge after 13 years, and it's not mobile friendly.

    So. If there is constructive advice on how you would like to see it take shape, I'm all ears. I do plan to have topics far easier to find (say, Recently Diagnosed, Diets and Supplements, etc.), add read times, include icons (funny, educational, inspirational), and incorporate insight from all of our platforms, particularly the blog, YouTube and the forum. Since Twitter, Facebook and Instagram require subscriptions, those will not get high priority as I want it to be fully inclusive for everyone.

    This will take months, and I hope a grant comes through so I can make it fully happen (details soon I hope!). In the meantime, thanks for your patience!
    Dave Bexfield

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    Did that myself on my main site the beginning of the year. My goal was to be 100% HTML5 compliant, and fully functional for those who choose to turn off javascript in their browsers.

    It was a huge task, but the results made me happy.
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