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    Fingolimod discontinuation caution warning

    A peer review article has been published detailing that a 57 yr old man with MS, contracted covid and for 3 wks had occasional fever and no respiratory symptoms.. But when he discontinued his DMD Fingolimod because his lymphocytes got too low, he had a severe increase in covid symtoms with signs of hyperinflamation syndrome in lungs. He was given methylprednisolone (80md/day for 1 week) and thankfully significantly improved and recovered. Although this is one individual, many neurologists are now advising that discontinuation of Fingolimod when a patient has covid should be closely watched.

    Article on case study

    Barts Blog Post on this issue https://multiple-sclerosis-research....and-mscovid19/

    Beth Isreal Deconess in Boston, MA tweet to watch patients who are discontinuing fingolimod closely.

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      Important to understand DMD mechanism of action

      Just what you all might like, a picture book on MS and Covid! Well, not entirely. This article gives detailed explanation about how each DMD for MS works and pros and cons during pandemic. each drug is discussed separately, so if you are seeking more in-depth info about your drug or benefits of switching DMD, this could be a helpful resource. Bonus, It does have good color illustrations for better understanding of this content. Note, because it was published 2 months ago, it doesnít give clinical data observed in hospitals past 2 months.

      Stated goal of article: in order ď
      to understand the risks posed to people with MS using DMT, it is crucial to understand the mechanisms of action, the impact of the treatments on infection-risk, vaccination responses and the mechanisms of pathology and immunity to [ Covid.

      Prof G is one of authors but i donít think I posted about it in this threAd.
      Link article: Baker, D. Et al.
      , The underpinning biology relating to multiple sclerosis disease modifying treatments during the COVID-19 pandemic

      Stay strong. Stay well my friends, Suebee