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Vertigo! Just had my second episode, ugh

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  • Vertigo! Just had my second episode, ugh

    Gack. Vertigo is no fun. I had my first incident over five years ago and the world spun hard for more than a week before Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPVV) exercises slowly kicked it. That was miserable. I hoped never to experience that again... And then a couple weeks ago I rolled to get out of bed and the room suddenly started violently spinning. Shit. It was back.

    Fortunately it wasn't as intense as the first time and I knew what to do. I immediately started on my BPVV exercise twice a day. The spins only lasted a few days (namely when I laid down on my left side), but I kept up the exercises for the full two weeks to make sure I was in the clear as recommended. Has anyone else struggled with occasional vertigo? Does it return often?

    Here is what BPVV exercises are. Not all vertigo will be helped doing these and may require a doc visit and other treatment, but mine was fixed up by this easy series. Whew! I'm all good now—and no risky ER visit!
    Dave Bexfield

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    Hi Dave, I didn't even know there were any exercises. But I only have a little vertigo except it's always there. If I turn my head too fast or look upwards everything will start to spin and I have to catch myself if I'm standing. I laugh at myself, if I look up at moving clouds or treetops I'm a writeoff. Glad you're ok.


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      So sorry you had to go through that. I get it pretty bad once a year or so, and the exercises never helped. I just try and roll with it.
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        Drillerdou, I recommend you try those exercises. It might take a week or more, but it may get rid of your vertigo. Let us all know how it goes!
        Dave Bexfield


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          This is so scary!! I got it my first year and I went to therapy for couple weeks and got slowly better but for several years I have some split second episodes. Now it as been a long time and you just remind me that with that monster we never know when!
          You have all my sympathy, hope the best for you.


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            Oh jesus that is awful.
            I had my first bough of vertigo back in late March early April. It lasted a solid two to nearly three weeks. My life was an absolute misery. I jyst stayed in my room all day. Even just going to the toilet was strenuous.
            I tried those manovers, epley and the brandt daroff exercise etc, but all they did were to make it ten times worse. Like pouring petrol onto a fire, it was that bad. I tool to wearing an eye patch and sun glasses and taking paracetamol. It only worked a tiny bit, relieving the discomfort.
            I seriously hope I never get it again.


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              Vertigo was one of my early MS symptoms and I have occasional bouts of persistent dizziness a few times a year.

              In PT a few years ago, my therapist used the Epley Maneuver and gave me some gaze training exercises to use at home. I use the gaze training exercises as soon as the dizziness returns and they really help me.


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