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  • Misc. COVID19 Tips

    I posted "at risk" front door sign to discourage people from ringing door and expecting me to answer.. A sign of economic downturn here, i've had a significant increase door to door salespeople these days, without masks and who repeatedly ring bell until i answer.
    Here is a professionally designed sign i downloaded for free and posted on my door today stating there is an "at risk individual" in home. There are many other versions on internet, shorter and to the point or beautified with calligraphy.
    This one suited me. Here is link...

    Stay well friends.

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    Step by step directions Covid19 Prevention

    Three U.K. universities have created an easy to use site “Germ Defense” as a guide to prevent Covid19 infection. It Gives practical evidence based step by step advice for 1) protecting yourself; 2) living with an infected person; 3) living with an at risk person; and 4) what to do if you think you might have been infected. It gives info I haven’t seen a lot in other places, such as putting non perishable deliveries Aside for 3 days if possible, because of risk of contamination to your home. It Also suggests setting up spaces in house solely for individuals that are not social isolating to spend majority of time. It elaborates on mask use indoors as well as air circulation, ventilation.
    Link to Germ Defense site


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      DIY n95 mask & adult or child cloth mask

      Latest mathematical models show masks, even cloth, are significantly protective against covid transmission. Link to article explaining findings in lay person terms:

      Here are directions for DIY masks I thought were good candidates to make:
      Alternative. N95 mask, scientifically tested to work.
      adult or youth cloth mask with elastic or ties: straps
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        Rehab ( & prehabilation) exercises for Covid

        Hi, I thought this short PDF guide prepared by several hospitals in NY on simple exercises to do to aid in recovery from Covid19 was good and thought I’d share it. If you’ve been slacking on exercise like me, I think it will also help get us back on track too.
        It gives easy instructions to increase respiratory muscle strength with simple breathing exercises and with incentive spirometer, as well as basic muscle strengthening. A simple easy way to fight back against this virus. Yay, let’s all . Stay strong and well.


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          I have an incentive spirometer, which I used to recover from pulmonary embolisms (multiple lung blood clots) 7 years ago. A few minutes a day, and it's even fun - and it works fast. I got to the maximum for 15 years younger, and top 10%, in a few weeks, and figured that was good enough. They are in stock at Amazon for $6.95.


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            Tips and Joann fabric mask patterns

            We are in thick of it here in Houston and soon my teenagers will return to classrooms. At present my daughter’s specific school district will be in person and university sent me bill for dorm.
            So I borrowed a sewing machine from a friend, who quizzically asked, “you sew?” And bought supplies for making cloth masks at jo Ann fabric store.
            1. get quilting fabric because tighter weave.
            2. Use different colors for inside and outside of mask so you can tell difference.
            3. Decide nose piece material. I used green gardening wire from Home Depot. Will need wire cutters to cut
            4. Decide if ties or loops. Ties can be made with bias tape. Loops with flat elastic preferably 1/4”. 7.5 yards elastic will do approx 25 masks.
            5. 1 yard fabric = approx 10-15 masks
            6. Decide if you want filter insert or sewn in it (vacuum bag or hepa filter)
            6. Misc. If not a usual sewer you will need a seam ripper for mistakes, at least 2 spools of threAd for making bobbin. I choose polyester thread. And and an Iron.
            You have to wash material before beginning and wear mask and gloves when sewing so as to not to contaminate mask.
            Sigh. What a strange world we are in, isn’t it. I would love to hear about what you all are using for masks and how you construct it.

            Patterns and decorating options at jo Ann site

            Good luck!