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  • MsHazyBrain
    Hi, I saw your question about
    I just recently wrote an article that answers your question.
    You might find it useful:
    Let me know if it helps!
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  • Pistachio
    I regularly take CBD. It does help me with spasticity.

    I also take CBG (yes, that is a G). CBG has neuroprotective qualities. It also helps to protect from cancer (which, if you are taking a DMT is always one of the potential risks).

    Having taken both of these I find that CBG actually aids in anxiety better than CBD. Of course, n=1 in my research so take that as you will.

    ETA: I am in Canada so all the cannabinoid products are fully legal here. It is easy to dibble-dabble and find what works for you if you have the fortune of being able to walk into a store and talk to someone and try things.

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  • Julien
    As far as I can tell, it can help people, I know it becouse I've faced that situation. CBD, particularly in certain varieties, is recognized for its ability to reduce anxiety and stress. That's why almost of people use natural remedy as CBD Cannabis oil.

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  • Alistair Kirk
    started a topic CBD - Cannabis Oil

    CBD - Cannabis Oil

    Hello all

    I have an interesting question, asked by my wife.

    Does anyone know if CBD cannabis oil helps?