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ActiveMSers website REDESIGN - feedback requested

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  • ActiveMSers website REDESIGN - feedback requested

    Change can be challenging. Like when grocery stores change where they keep the fiber supplements--they were on isle four LAST WEEK. So frustrating, especially when you just want a little help pooping. But when it comes to websites, change can be wholly unsettling. Everything is so new and shiny, and you don’t know where to look! What I’m trying to say is that after 14 years of activism, the dated website for ActiveMSers ( has been entirely redesigned and reimagined for 2020. This refresh was made possible in part by a $5,000 grant from the HealtheVoices Impact Fund (, which was established by Janssen to assist health advocates in their outreach (the deadline to apply for their new 2020 grant was just extended to July 31). So we’ve prepared a little guide to help make the transition easier.

    Don’t freak out, it’s infinitely better. It took over six months to organize a decade-and-a-half of advocacy--today ActiveMSers is the largest and longest-running personal multiple sclerosis website in the world--and many articles have been completely rewritten and updated. Our exclusive guides (exercise, travel, cooling vests, and many others) have been totally revised and are now leading benchmarks for MSers. You’ll also notice that it’s now a secure https connection, fully mobile optimized, and it includes all sorts of huggable extras, like read/watch times and emoji enhancements.

    Have suggestions for improvements? Want to express your deep, deep gratitude to this project that took months of effort and likely caused irreparable hair loss? Feel the urge to say something snarky? Post a comment below!
    Dave Bexfield

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    Wow! The website looks fantastic Dave! Easy on the eyes, great photos and the usual helpful content!

    I particularly like your practical travel tips and stories about your trips.

    The only suggestion I had was going to be adding the Google language translation tool. But when I looked for more information to share with you about it, I'm seeing that Google is discontinuing it. I volunteer with an organization that uses it on their website and it's been a very nice thing to have.


    My Two Numb Feet - An MS Diary


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      AMF Adventures LIKES IT!

      Especially the reorganization. Although I haven't been through all of it yet, I like what I've seen so far, much better than the somewhat cumbersome previous site.

      I did find the response time considerably slower on my antiquated and rarely updated Android tablet.



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        Itís great! Thanks Dave.


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          Thanks gang! It may load a touch slower at first. My old site was so big that first-time visitors had to wait forever. Still have lots of tweaking to do and will be slowly updating other pieces.
          Dave Bexfield