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Rocky Mountain MS Center acknowledges the value of exercise

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  • Rocky Mountain MS Center acknowledges the value of exercise

    In a recent article by Dr. Timothy Vollmer of the Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center, exercise was acknowledged as facilitating significant recovery of function in MS patients.

    To quote Dr. Vollmer
    "The fourth way to recover
    function is to implement what we
    have learned about developing
    cognitive reserveóitís using exercise
    and rehabilitation more effectively.
    And, recognizing itís not a three-week
    activityóitís a life-long activity. Itís
    maximizing health related activities
    that facilitate rewiring in the brain. As
    we get more effective in shutting off
    the inflammatory attack, we are seeing
    more and more benefit from exercise.
    Thatís been very apparent in our
    clinical practice with patients who are
    on Tysabri. Itís remarkable how much
    recovery of function they get from the
    therapy if they have an effective exercise
    program. Itís not been really studiedó
    but we are moving in that direction."

    You can read the whole article "Where is the cure" and more at:
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