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OMG, I don't believe what I just did...

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  • OMG, I don't believe what I just did...

    I'm here to tell you guys, the seemingly impossible is—every now and then—indeed possible when you set your mind to it. Even when it happens accidentally. Such a feet (pun intended) is the topic of my latest blog.

    Can you do this, too? Why not?? Heck, there's no time like now to start trying!
    Dave Bexfield

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    Congratulations, Dave! Wonderful feet! Earlier this year I went on Baclofen for less than a month and it caused muscle weakness. Stretching sounds so much better. Anything is better for my body than some of the drugs I've tried. Thanks for the encouraging encouragement. Karen
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      Sorry I had to laugh a little at your post I was an acrobat for years, up until I was about 16 and my knees went out on me. But I can still do a full split and put my foot behind my head. Touching my toes isn't any big deal to me, doing the flips on the other hand I'd probably end up falling on my head! But for someone who isn't used to warping their bodies into weird positions for fun it is a HUGE thing! I'm glad your stretching is helping you and you can see your progress! That's the best feeling ever!


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        Nicely done Dave

        Thats why I love yoga.... If I start out stiff and inflexible, I end up nice and stretched. Before I began my upper thighs would be so stiff, now I am grabbing my toes and *almost* doing a back bend

        Stretching is definitely crucial.