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  • Welcome from all of us, Tina! I couldn't agree more--never, never, never quit. Have fun in your yard. Let's do this.
    Dave Bexfield


    • Hi, I'm reintroducing myself under a different name (found my former intro from 2008 as Michela11)

      I live in Sydney Australia, my CIS in 2007 transformed to diagnosis in 2008 after another relapse, and its been a pretty rocky road since then, although I've remained as active as I can.

      Was on Copaxone, now month 5 of Aubagio, currently coming out of second relapse this year. Not feeling great about Aubagio.

      Mum of one biological son, and a number of non biological sons, long time partner, long time journalist and broadcaster, still broadcasting but seeking other work options.

      Exercise has ground down this year through crushing fatigue. Am finding that very difficult currently.

      My jewellery designing brings me great joy, as do my two sooky dogs and my family


      • Hello

        Hi, my name is Mark, I work in Albuquerque,NM and live in the mountains east of Albuquerque.
        I have had MS for 24 years, secondary progressive for the last six years. In March of this year I had chemotherapy and stem cell transplant performed in India. I am biking shorter distances and swimming daily to recover from the chemo, I also endure weightlifting every second day. I have been enjoying reading the different posts on this site and have learned quite a bit so far.


        • Welcome to firefly! Does the "Fraser Hill" still exist? Give me an innertube on snow any day!

          Hi snoopgrl! I agree that MS should open doors, rather close them.

          Welcome, Yogi! I like your plan to stop pursuing a true diagnosis and just live.

          Hello Tina! That's quite a support system you have!

          A hearty welcome to the returning Michela! Good on ya for remaining as active as possible.

          Hi Mark, welcome! Keep us posted on your SCT recovery!


          • Intro


            My name is Chris Wright and I live near London in the UK.

            A site like this seems exactly what I need. I was dianosed in April 2004 (just after my 22nd birthday) and have been living with the various DMTs on offer, which have helped some but not all symptoms.

            I was determined to stay active but then a combination of the MS and related neurological symptoms, left me unable to run, jog or walk for prolonged periods.

            I look forward to reading what options, tips and inspirational stories the members here on activemsers have to offer.



            • Welcome, Chris! A lot of very active people here. I'm rather like you - I can still be active but not for any length of time. I can slowly jog half a mile, or hike up and down hills (with 2 trekking poles) for about an hour, but don't ask me to do anything after that!

              Bending over seems to weaken me the fastest. Does that affect you? It is black walnut harvest time here in Iowa, USA. Yesterday I picked up, with the use of a cage-like thing that rolls on the ground, a full 5 gallon bucket of nuts. I was okay after that; a bit weak but okay. After I put down the roller and went about digging in the wood piles for nuts, THAT made it very hard to walk back to the house.


              • Hi there!
                I'm Treva, and I was just diagnosed in August. I am just starting to accept that this is really happening! I live in Sayulita, Mexico which is near Puerto Vallarta. I feel like I might be the only person in Mexico to have MS. Ok, hyperbole. It is just quite uncommon, I guess.
                I was planning on running my second half marathon this November but the heat has nixed training, I just run for an hour now until it heats up. I have joined an Iyengar yoga class and it is awesome. I love the fact this forum exists. Thank you, Treva


                • Welcome, Treva! Love the name.

                  I know one other person in Mexico who has MS. Think she's a transplant from the US.

                  Seems people who do yoga really love it. I need to get off my behind and find a good beginner's DVD. Maybe one that includes intermediate. I plan to do the Pike's Peak climb in 2015 mentioned on this forum. Gotta strengthen my legs!


                  • Hello!
                    Its not my first post, but I should introduce myself. My name is Diana, and I am from New Jersey. I was formally diagnosed summer of 2013, though I have likely had MS since 2010. I'm currently on Tecfidera. I have more active hobbies than I have time for - Cycling, Backpacking, Rock Climbing/Mountaineering, Rowing, Skiing... This year has been tough, but this site and my wonderful boyfriend have been huge motivators to keep my head high and keep on movin!


                    • Maybe I've said this before, but Welcome, Diana! I read your posts and you are indeed active. Commendable! I'm on Tecfidera also; so far so good.


                      • Hi!

                        I'm Jan. I live in Clarksville, TN. That's redneck territory, but not quite the level of Duck Dynasty!

                        I am a homemaker. I no longer work outside the home (used to work as a landscape designer and asst. mgr. of garden center/nursery), but there's plenty to do around here! I keep the home, feed a husband and cat, and knit and watercolor during the days. I garden when it's cool enough.

                        I was diagnosed in Feb. 2005. I have had a fairly mild course till the last couple of years, with almost unnoticeable exacerbations. This is good, as I had the care of my mother for almost 19 years, till her death in 2011. It has only been after her death that fatigue, numbness, and weakness in my left arm and leg have become issues.

                        I am right handed, so my painting, so far, has not been affected. However, I was an active hiker (we have some large, beautiful state parks near us), and bicycler (Mennonite farmland only 20 miles away - quiet and beautiful). Emphasis on was. I have been unable to do much of either while caring for my mom, and now that I am "free" want to get back to it.

                        I am woefully out of shape, so that is first on my agenda.

                        Thanks, Dave (also the name of my wonderful, supportive husband) for this great site!!!


                        • Welcome, Jan! Your area certainly sounds like a beautiful place to "re"active yourself. I do some hiking here in Iowa, the property around my house, and find that 2 trekking poles helps a LOT!

                          I used to live in Duck Dynasty territory! Port Barre, LA, about 90 minutes south of them. Loved that year living in the swamp but that was before MS taught me to keep away from heat and humidity. I would live down there again if I could.


                          • Hi

                            Hi! My name is Amy Perry. I live in the Dallas area. I have actually looked at the site a lot but I am just now introducing myself. I was diagnosed March - June 2009. My primary dr told me it was MS from the first MR. The rest of the time I just went through all the additional testing , etc... They gave me the official diagnosis in June 2009 and I was suppose to meet at the beginning of July to talk about meds. And then I found out I was pregnant with my third! I was excited and scared. I had my 3rd boy in February 2010 and began meds in August. I have been through 3 meds. The last change was by choice!

                            Basically, I strive to live a normal life with my husband and boys. My boys are very active and I do my best to keep up. It would be a challenge without MS. I found that regular exercise helps me. I don't always "fit" it in to my daily schedule but I can tell when I don't. Love reading everyone's tips and stories and hearing what keeps others motivated!


                            • Happy Thanksgiving, Amy! And Welcome!

                              I grew up in the Dallas area, and my sister still lives near Mesquite. I graduated from Southlake Carroll High school in '77.

                              Three boys!? Oh Boy! Quite the built-in exercise program there.


                              • Hello from Florida!

                                Oops! I posted before I introduced myself.

                                My name is Jeri and I live in Florida, 53 yo female diagnosed with RRMS in 1999. I was in the TRANSFORMS trial for Gilenya from Aug 2007 until Jan. 2011. I'm now in the extended study where they watch and see if I'm going to grow a third eye or something so they can make everyone else quit taking it. Like the canary in the coal mine.

                                I am passionate about clinical trials and have started a website to show others with MS what research is like from a patient perspective. There's not a whole lot of content yet because it's not been around that long, but I hope to add patient videos talking about trials and I have a spot for those who have done a trial to share their experience. (Dave you've welcome to write a post any time).

                                Anyhow, I found out about this site when I got the list of other folks who would be attending the Blogger Summit in NJ.

                                Got to meet all the wonderful folks and Dave and Laura are a great couple, loads of laughs and full of cutting wit.

                                Anyhow, I'm glad to find a new message board that seems like a positive place to connect. I don't do drama well and so I've avoided message boards for a while.

                                Previously, on other sites, I used TickledPink as my name, so there may be someone on here that knows me by that name. I blogged my clinical trial at

                                And my new site about clinical trials is at

                                Glad to meet you!

                                Patient-to-patient education about clinical trials.