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  • Hello from Winnipeg Canada

    Figure time to introduce myself. Dx RRMS after a severe bout of optic neuritis in Sep 2003 that left me blind in my left eye. Been stable since started Copaxone 3yrs ago. I love horses and am lucky to have a retired racehorse, did some dressage competitions and even have my para classification, but mainly trail riding now. I also love cycling and did the local MS Bike Tour last summer. Just recently named as a Community Representative with the MS Society of Canada where I will be participating in the Research Proposal Grant Review process. Very excited about that!

    Karen in "winterpeg"
    Callenge life before life challenges you - from inside collar of my "Bike Off More Than You Chew" bike jersey


    • Hi Fellow MSers!

      I was diagnosed (ish) in 1992, same year I had my first baby. Was symptom free for six years, then the exacerbations started. Been on Avonex since '98, but I'm secondary progressive now (at least we think.) I lived with ms for so many years while being a very active runner and Jazzerciser, but now not so much. My kids are now grown and I do very fun work (costume and graphic design) and have the best husband ever. Rather wish I didn't have ms, but you know the feeling


      • Hi there! Newbie who's been reading your excellent emails for a while. I was diagnosed with MS in December last year, so very new to it. Just started Gilenya this week, so far so good.

        I live in Melbourne, Australia.


        • This is my intro.

          My name is Shane, I live in Washington and I have RRMS. I was in a bad car accident on 7/1/06 that triggered my initial symptoms of blurry vision and vertigo and muscle cramping. I was diagnosed as being at the early stages of MS on 2/7/07, started a DMD very soon after, and my disease has stayed about the same. I have been very active my entire life and continue to be, despite my MS. I will be 40 years old on 7/8/15. I also suffered a traumatic brain injury on 7/14/86 and was comatose for 2-1/2 months. While I was in the coma, the doctors told my parents I would never walk again. I was out of my wheelchair and back to walking about a month after I woke up, and back on my bicycle a couple of months after that. I participate in Walk MS every April and got back on my bicycle last year and did Bike MS. From now on, I will be doing Walk MS and Bike MS every year. I have recently gotten back into hiking as well. I am pretty sure I will never be able to climb to the summit of Mt. Rainier (14,411'), but this year I am hiking with a couple of buddies up to Camp Muir (base camp at 10,188'). My ultimate hiking goal is to complete a Mt. Everest Base Camp Trek. I am a dishwasher at Trapper's Sushi in Puyallup, WA, and my job keeps me very active. At work, they call me Hip-Hop, because I just don't stop, in reference to the old tune by Sugar Hill Gang. I am very grateful to have found this website for people like myself, who have multiple sclerosis and are active, not letting the disease dictate our lives. Thank you!


          • Hello

            Good Evening! My name is Ellie. I was diagnosed with Remitting/Relapsing MS August 2014. It was the worse summer of my life. I am married with with boy girl twins. At the time I was training for my first marathon. I must say MS thru a big old wrench in that. I tried to do the marathon anyway. I did not finish. I had to stop be the medical tent to get my foot taped up so I would not trip over it. I have foot drop I have since got an AFO. I also broke my first on training for my next marathon. I love running and will continue until I can not run at all. I signed up for Bike MS and will be doing my first triathlon in the fall.


            • Hello, I am a caregiver to my wife who was diagnosed with MS in the 1980ís. I have reviewed scientific literature related to MS for my wifeís benefit for the last 30 years; it has become a full time hobby. Iím thankful for the opportunity to learn and share on this site.


              • It's all me, me, me...

                Noob from UK, here. Iím a 39 and-a-half year old scientist freshly diagnosed following optic neuritis and now awaiting MRI results. It's no surprise as I had my first episode in 2005 with a couple of lesions (pons & spine at C5/6), and MS is on both sides of my family. Very happy to find this site, as Iím a mountain biker who has recently run (with my legs & no wheels...whatís that about?) 2 half marathons in the first week of March to raise £3K for the wonderful Hospice who looked after my amazing Mum before she died in September 2014.
                Now, I would like to run a marathon, possibly in 2016, but Iím having trouble convincing my GP/Neuro/family that it would be a good idea. I reckon much of the literature on this site may just swing it for me....


                • Hello

                  My name is Kevin and I am from Vancouver Canada. I was diagnosed with SPMS in 2005. My GF always talked about this site but I never really checked it out until now. After reading thru a few things I am impressed how she took an interest in my disease and told me about this site. I had to recently stop working as fatigue and leg spasticity was too much. I tried the Marshall Protocol for 18 months but I can't stay out of the sun, other than that I have never taken any other drugs. Looking forward to reading thru the forums.


                  • I just noticed

                    this thread about introducing yourself. My name is Mark and am an engineer in the auto industry.

                    My first experience was an acute attack back in 2009 that was believed to be a disease related to MS called acute disseminated encephalomyelitis aka ADEM. It turns out about 30% of people with this disease convert to MS which appears to be my case.

                    I've been on many MS sites but feel this is the most well balanced.

                    Take care all,



                    • Stelios here, 42 years old, father of two (6 and 4 this year (2015)), DX in 2002. Not as active as before the girls were born, but I am trying to do something about that.


                      • Thank You!

                        I stumbled onto this site when researching forearm crutches and I AM SO HAPPY!

                        I was diagnosed 2 years ago after 5 years of fighting doctors that something was wrong. MS hit me over the head with a 2x4, and the docs finally paid attention when they thought I was having a stroke. Now, I just want to be active again. Your site has given me such hope that I can find a way to do the things I love to do...just walking for longer than 2 minutes is a great place to start.

                        I don't want to hide anymore. I live in a beautiful state (CO), and I want to get out and enjoy the scenery.

                        Thanks again!
                        Christie "Sunny" Tew


                        • Allan Miller SPMS Victoria BC Canada

                          Hi everybody

                          This is a great blog. Very positive and I find that very helpful.

                          68 year old male retired elementary school teacher from Ottawa. Statistical outlier. Diagnosed 3 years ago with SPMS.

                          My wife and I are moving to Victoria where the weather and walking is better.

                          I try to keep my weight down. My GP and the physiotherapist from the MS Society of Canada both gave me a gentle smack down and said to only use a scooter or power chair when I really need to. Use it or lose it!

                          On May 3rd my team, the Miller Milers raised over $9,000 for the MS Walk. I walked 3 km with my outdoor rollator, a Swedish one. If you're interested send me a private message or email to and I'll give you details. I also use shock absorbing cane tips that I imported from England. They protect my hands, elbows, and shoulders from stress. I type on an iPad and I use a predictive keyboard app which makes that easier. And I also dictate typing for emails, etc.

                          Thanks, David, for the motivation to stay active and positive!

                          I'm on facebook if you want to follow or friend me. Always positive!




                          • Newbie

                            Hi, I'm new to this website. I was first diagnosed with MS in 2000, however I was not put on medication. My Dr. then said the side effects were worse than my symptoms. I didn't have a major relapse until 2011 when I had two and was misdiagnosed for those relapses and not treated. I still have numbness in my hand and arm from them. Then last year I had another attack and saw a specialist who started me on Rebif. It took almost a year to get my system back under control, but I am getting better.

                            I know I need to get active again. We moved to Colorado two years ago and I really want to hike and kayak and do all of the fun things the Rocky Mountains have to offer. The last year has been tough, I'm trying to adjust to my new "normal".

                            I look forward to exploring this website more.


                            • Introduction

                              Hi All

                              My name is Cynthia & I live in Seattle, WA. I'm an MS newbie & was diagnosed on April 17, 2015. A few years ago, BMS (Before MS), I was on a mission to lose weight, be as active as possible, become healthier, travel & to live a great life. In the last 2 years, I've lost 27 lbs, dramatically changed my diet (from fast food to real food), and was a picture of health. Now, living with MS, my refocused mission is to continue to go on more adventures, be around good energy, connect with interesting people, learn new things, and live the best life ever. So, most things haven't changed.

                              I will be taking Rebif soon (waiting for insurance to process), am now eating an anti-inflammatory diet, and continue to exercise daily. At this point in my MS journey, I have very little symptoms & only two lesions (one on spine & one of neck). So, despite the tingling & occasional fatigue I continue to experience, I am otherwise pretty good.

                              Biggest change for me is that I've changed my method of stress release from kickboxing to yoga/pilates. Mostly I changed as I'm worried that too much kickboxing will push me to the fatigue edge. Although slowing down was initially a huge mental challenge, it has been very good for me as I am learning to being okay with a slower pace.

                              Thank you Dave for this forum & for you all being part of this community.

                              Best wishes,


                              • Hello from the Hudson Valley NY!

                                Hi Everyone, I was diagnosed in October 2006. For a while they couldn't pinpoint how bad the MS was going to be. I was having flare ups every six weeks. Fast forward three years after Avonex, they tried Copaxone. I took myself off of every drug, went organic and re-set myself. I am now on Rebif for two years, have maybe 2-4 flare ups per year for the last two years and feel that I finally have this somewhat under my control. Dr's categorized me as RRMS.
                                I am a pretty active person that does running, yoga and PiYo. I have been married to my love, my soul mate for 21 years. We have two children, boy age 20, girl age 14. I work fulltime and hubby and I have our own business for the last two years.
                                I'm glad I found this site! Regards, Marisol (MB)