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  • Hi, I'm Sharon and I received an official diagnosis February of this year. I've been dealing with MS since at least 2008. I'm located in the Appalachian mountains and I enjoy hiking and easy kayaking. I've got two dogs that keep me busy. I love the attitude around here!


    • Happy to meet you, Sharon, welcome!


      • Sharon, howdy from Dave! I grew up in Virginia so I'm all about the Appalachians! And yeah, the folks here have a pretty good 'tude.
        Dave Bexfield


        • Live in Iowa.

          Was diagnosed with MS end of June 2012.

          Appreciate the site and forum. Trying to get back into being more active and all the resources and information from everyone is great.


          • Welcome, Daremoon! Iowa? You live in Iowa?! Me too. Just west of Cedar Rapids. There is a live support group in CR. If you're near there I can give you their website. They meet once a month.


            • I'm close, live in Windsor Heights, surrounded by Des Moines.


              • Guitar_grrrl Checking in...

                Hi, all, I'm Lisa, aka Guitar_grrrl. I was diagnosed in 2009 after some 25+years of symptoms on and off.

                I just got off from a 4 day whitewater kayaking trip down the Rogue River in OR. DH and I use a Tomcat Tandem inflatable kayak, and we're good in class III water. Class IV is just getting too big any more! We still do class IV in rafts.

                I'm a self professed adrenaline junkie. I used to surf. I still ride my bike, kayak, practice Yoga (since age 12 - I'm 55, now ), hike, and travel.

                I've been on Tysabri since Feb. 2010. Biggest nuisances are spasticity and powerful spasms, and fatigue. When my fatigue sets in in the afternoon, my cog fx goes to hell, as well.

                I'm a singer/songwriter, but I no longer perform. I don't have stage fright, per se, but I do get a charge from my audience. Couple that with arm spasticity, and well, things misfire all over the place. So now, I just work on writing. Who knows? Maybe I'll sell a song one day! A girl can dream...

                Looking forward to meeting you all.
                There's no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate gear and clothing.


                • Welcome, Lisa! Good to see you here.


                  • Hi all! I'm Whitney and was diagnosed the end of January 2013 (and a happy new year to you too!), although my doc and I are pretty sure my first flare was in January 2012. I'm 45, have a quirky and somewhat sarcastic sense of humor, and live in Indianapolis. I started Gilenya April 2 and so far so good - no flares and no noticeable side effects.

                    I was SO glad to find ActiveMSers (thank you, Dave!). I'm still trying to wrap my head around the diagnosis and am so grateful to find a group of people who are active, vibrant and full of life, but also happen to have MS. You still deal with the same challenges, but don't let it define or defeat you. Guitar_grrrl, you are my hero!!

                    I love to ski with my DH (he's really good; I started up again in 2011 after a 30 year break), am a big reader, and am a lampworker (I work on a torch and make glass beads). The lampworking is my current challenge; my torch is oxy-propane and burns at 3000F. For someone who now has big problems with heat, I have some figuring out to do 'cause I am NOT giving it up!!

                    It's very nice to meet you all!
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                    • Welcome, Whitney! 3000 degrees - wow! It is very concentrated, right? And not aimed at you? Maybe a cooling vest would help. There are threads here about how to get them for free.


                      • Hi There,

                        I'm Ken. I'm 33, live in Fraser, CO, and was dx'd 7 years ago (though like many people, I first had a bunch of "acute transverse myelitis" diagnoses before finally getting the MS confirmed.

                        I play hockey (goaltender), ski, snowboard, mountain bike, ride cross country, backpack a ton, and rock climb a little. In addition to my work, I occasionally volunteer at the National Sports Center for the Disabled (at Winter Park) in the equipment room, helping people with all kinds of needs get outside to play.

                        Aside from work and play, I travel... alot... I've been to 12 countries in the last 6 months. My favorite countries so far are Germany and Austria... but who knows what other countries I'll love that I haven't been to yet.

                        I'm full of random information:

                        Stewardesses is the longest word in the english language typed with only the left hand (when holding your hands on the keyboard properly).

                        If you leave your forearm crutches behind a hospital bed, then lower the bed when you forget about them, it is totally strong enough to crush them.


                        • Lisa, Whitney, Ken, awesome to see you all. I just tweeted your arrival to our followers and we are happy to have you all on board. Each member brings a new level of depth to our community and helps makes it stronger. Thanks!
                          Dave Bexfield


                          • Hello!

                            I am Jamie and I'm from Wild, Wonderful West Virginia. I am 35 year old and was dx'd 7 1/2 years ago, but I had my first relapse closer to 12 years ago when I had my first bought of optic neuritis and at that time they thought they could "prevent" the development of MS by doing the whole IV solu-medrol treatment, which really just delayed my dx. I recently switched DMDs from Avonex to Copaxone, which has made a world of difference for me.

                            I extraordinarily thankful for finding this forum because in my area, MS is viewed as an excuse to give up on life. And I refuse to be defined by this disease. It gets very disheartening. I love to be outdoors, especially running or hiking, yoga, and the working out at the gym. I officially registered for my first 5K for September, so I may need some pointers....


                            • Short version: Howdy!

                              Long version:
                              Lots of active folk here who sound interesting and fun! Welcome! I'm new to this forum, too. I have way too many interests, hobbies, and favorites to list them all here.

                              m.s. -- Even though it wasn't proven via spinal tap and MRIs, after all tests were given to eliminate other causes of symptoms, I was given a "possible m.s." diagnosis. That was 20 years ago. Flare-ups through the years have sent me back to GPs and neurologists who have varying theories after more "clear" MRIs -- some of them rather entertaining. About 80% of them still think m.s. After years of my own research and judging by more recent symptoms, I've decided to just conclude it is m.s. and proceed with living life. And, as I think back, I realize I've probably had it longer than 20 years -- as in since my early teens at least.

                              Activity -- I want to stay active. My preferred form of outdoor exercise is hiking and biking. Inside, I enjoy yoga and tai chi as well as all forms of dance (as long as the house is icy cold). I've been researching exercises for strengthening "the core" in order to improve balance. I've had periods of needing a cane, but I've bounced back fairly well most of the time.

                              I'm a writer and I know it, so I'll stop there before your eyes get weary.


                              • Hi There

                                Hi everyone, I was diagnosed in 2003. I am currently not taking any meds as the only ones left for me to try are a little too risky for me.
                                Even though I use a cane and have some limitations I consider myself an active MS'er.
                                My hobbies are house projects/design and my family. I have 3 grown sons, 3 grown stepsons, 3 daughter-in-laws and 3 grandkids.
                                I am convinced we can figure out how to beat this disease or at least control it if we all work together.....never, never, never quit!
                                My hope is to one day be able to work in my yard the Texas heat