This was just published in Neurology under Current Opinion. Just a reminder that staying fit has a cascading benefit for all of us with this disease....

Functional treatments in multiple sclerosis Courtney AM, Castro-Borrero W, Davis SL, Frohman TC, Frohman EM; Current Opinion in Neurology (Mar 2011)

PURPOSE OF REVIEW: This review focuses on recent advances in the understanding and management of symptoms and dysfunctions associated with multiple sclerosis (MS).

RECENT FINDINGS: A broad spectrum of dysfunctions associated with MS are under investigation. Research published in the past year and a half addresses gait dysfunction, exercise training, fatigue, bowel/bladder and sexual dysfunction, and sleep disruption. Functional electrical stimulation and strength training have been validated for improvement in gait and motor function. Exercise training has been shown to benefit mood and quality of life scores and to reduce circulating inflammatory cytokine levels. Fatigue remains a challenging problem with incremental improvements in understanding of underlying causes and effective drug therapies offered by recent work. Treatment of bowel, bladder and sexual dysfunction utilizing a variety of modalities has been investigated with some progress.

SUMMARY: In the absence of treatments to reverse neurologic injury due to MS, effective symptom management and functional improvement remain essential to mitigate disability and maintain quality of life. Basic research, as well as controlled clinical trials, in this realm offers promising insights and solutions.