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  • Hello All!

    Hi everyone! I have been meaning to get myself more active and meet people like yourself for some time now. Dave, the site is awesome, thank you very much for all your hard work!

    My new reality started the Tuesday after Thanksgiving in 2006. That is how well I remember the day that I woke up from a quick nap, and half my left-side vision was gone!!! Scared the you know what out of me. The writing on the wall came May 14, 2007 with the spinal tap results. Luckily, my full field of view is back, but now I have glasses from it all. A few problems and one steroid treatment since then, and I have to doing well. However, I have been working such a crazy schedule forever now, I thinking I am pushing my luck.

    I hope to get out more, and get to know everyone here.

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    Hi Scott
    I was eventually dx'ed after having a numb toe the day Before Thanksgiving 1996. By the end of the weekend it was numb to my knee.

    I wonder is Thxgiving is a factor?



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      Hi Beth,

      Hmmmmmm, too much turkey and stuffing, maybe somebody should look a little closer into this

      I saw your post under the other tread (I am an idiot and didn't put two and two together that I should have posted my 'hello' there, I blame it on the MS when I have these moments, , they seem to happen more often now, no seriously, I'm not kidding ).

      Overall, how are you doing? What exactly is the deal with Imuran? I went to get the quick details at Wikipedia, but they say it is mainly for Crohn's disease. It is not an option for me right now. I am currently in a study here in ABQ combining Copaxone and Avonex. I feel very blessed to participate in it, and I believe it is working for me.