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  • Seen the latest news on Tysabri?

    The Wall Street Journal has had articles the last two days about Biogen reporting that two current patients have developed PML in Europe.

    The WSJ reported that 31,800 people are currently taking Tysabri. The article went on to say that people are going to keep an eye on the situation, but it doesn't look like a mass exodus.

    The stocks of Biogen and Elan were used like toilet paper after the PML reports. Anybody got some side cash, could be a good time to buy some.

    I think I would have to agree with some of the comments in the article. For the vast majority, it is working, so you have to be willing to accept the risk. However, this PML thing sounds bleak, and a good reason the person about to go down this rabbit hole should pause and reflect. It isn't like you can simply stop taking the drug, and things will get better. Wikipedia, has been my only read on it:

    Dr. Ford here in ABQ had a group Q&A a few weeks ago, and I remember him talking about this exact situation. The article mentioned the fact that these people were coming up on their yearly anniversary with the drug in very broad terms. Dr. Ford said that this was the exact same time frame when the first PML cases arose in the clinical trial. As time goes on, there is some huge question-marks if more cases will arise.

    Definitely a Matrix, blue pill, red pill, how far down the rabbit hole situation.

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    not a very good progress.....