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STUDY: Can heat cause "cog fog"?

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  • KristaH
    I HATE the PSAT!! But I'm sure heat would make it worse, since I tend to lose words and definitions of the words when I'm hot and/or stressed and my math abilities are non existent then. Makes me feel like a blubbering idiot, why staying cool is priority

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  • ActiveMSers
    started a topic STUDY: Can heat cause "cog fog"?

    STUDY: Can heat cause "cog fog"?

    I dunno if I would have volunteered for this study, where they sticky you in a Finnish sauna and then have you do math tests! Ack, two things that scare the bejesus out of me, ha. - Dave

    The effects of heat stress on cognition in persons with multiple sclerosis;Hämäläinen P, Ikonen A, Romberg A, Helenius H, Ruutiainen J; Multiple Sclerosis (Sep 2011)

    Background: Heat sensitivity and cognitive deficits are typical manifestations of multiple sclerosis (MS). Although cognitive deficits are quite well characterized, practically no data exist on the effects of heat on cognitive performances in MS.

    Objective: To assess the effects of short-term heat stress on cognitive functioning in subjects with MS. Methods: A total of 23 heat-sensitive MS and 19 healthy control (HC) subjects participated. Moderate heat exposure took place in a Finnish sauna. Cognitive functioning was measured with tests of sustained attention and processing speed, the Paced Auditory Serial Addition Test (PASAT 3" and 2") and the computerized visual vigilance test, before, during and after heat exposure.

    Results: During the heat exposure, the core body temperature of the MS group rose significantly more (p = 0.002) than that of the HC group. The heat stress worsened the performance of the MS group in the PASAT 3" (p = 0.025) but not in the other cognitive measures. The performance in the PASAT 3" was reversed almost to the baseline level only 1 hour after the heat exposure.

    Conclusions: A significant increase in core body temperature during heat stress is associated with a mild and reversible worsening of the PASAT 3" performance, while visual vigilance performance seems to remain almost unaffected.