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How do you change your mindset about accepting help?

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  • How do you change your mindset about accepting help?

    Unfortunately I have been using the wheelchair more lately. It is so hard for me to accept help from my family and friends I feel like such a burden. All my life I have been the active one and the one helping everyone else. I was always the one that worked and worked until I couldn't anymore. I have also been packing for a move and trying to do it all myself (even though I have had numerous offers of help). I have been using the old method of packing until I couldn't which was probably a few too many hours. Now I have way overdone it and am now in bed for the second day in a row. Any hints for making your mind change what it has known for over 60 years? This seems like it should be so simple but it isn't.

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    it is hard to accept help, especially if you are very independent and have done for yourself forever. The way I got/ am getting over it is accepting small helping hands first, someone opening the door for me, carrying my groceries to the car etc. just small things at first and slowly worked up to being able (kinda lol) to sit while someone else did the heavy lifting or other big things I would usually do myself.