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Forgetting injection

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  • Forgetting injection

    Yesterday was the first time this year that I forgot to inject Copaxone. Last year I forgot 3 or 4 days in a row.

    Yesterday someone asked me about my MS and about running, etc., and I still didn't remember I hadn't inject for the day.

    My goal is to inject right when I get up. Any other tips so I don't forget?

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    I reward myself after injecting with a great cup of coffee. Basically right after I start brewing the coffee, I take my shot. By the time I'm done, the coffee is just about ready to enjoy. I've only forgotten once ... when I went out for coffee!

    Speaking of coffee (sorry, a bit off topic), I've just discovered in the last 10 minutes the greatest coffeemaker on the planet (according to Cook's magazine, a magazine for food geeks). They tested a ton, and only found one that made consistently great coffee. Here's the article...

    COOKS: With the proliferation of Starbucks and other "gourmet" coffee chains, Americans have gotten a bit pickier when it comes to the complexities of coffee flavor. We wanted to see if there was a drip coffee machine out there that could duplicate the deep, bodied flavor of coffeehouse coffee at home. We tested eight models, ranging in price from $47 to $300, with the one rule that they all have a thermal carafe (the usual hot plate under a glass carafe can turn fresh-brewed coffee acrid and bitter in just a matter of minutes). We judged each on ease of use, brewing time, and of course, flavor. There are a surprising number of factors that go into making an excellent cup of coffee but to sum up: to get the most flavorful compounds from coffee (and avoid the bitter ones), the heated water should be between 195 and 205 degrees and brewing should optimally take 6 minutes for a full pot (any quicker and your coffee will be too weak, much slower will produce bitter coffee). Most of the machines tested didn't reach the proper temperature until the coffee brewing was almost complete, and one machine took almost 20 minutes to brew a very bitter pot of coffee. Surprisingly, we found only one machine that brewed a coffeehouse-worthy cup of coffee every time; the TECHNIVORM Moccamaster Coffeemaker. And wouldn't you know it, it was the most expensive model tested, at $239.95. Yes, it is a lot of money for a coffee maker, considering a simple drip machine can be had for less than $30, but if you're a coffee fanatic the money spent will be well worth it, especially once you start skipping those daily trips to Starbucks.

    Maybe if I got one of these, I wouldn't even feel the shot with such eager anticipation for great coffee! Hmm, now to convince my wife Laura.
    Dave Bexfield


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      This is a great idea. I don't drink coffee, but I could use this same idea for something else that I enjoy (i.e. hot chocolate in the winter, etc).


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        I have only been doing my copaxone shots for just under two weeks, but I make it part of my evening seems to help. If I try to do something else in the same time frame, I forget.

        What makes me remember is that as soon as I finish my shot, I pull another out of the fridge and put it in a bowl on my bathroom counter with an alcohol wipe, needle snips, and cotton ball. Since it is right there in front of me, I seem to remember.
        fides quaerens intellectum


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          Forgetting injection

          I think we've all forgotten. When I was on Copaxone it was easier. I put it out with my morning meds and injected when I took my pills. Now that I'm on Rebif with a 3 day a week schedule it's more challenging. I have the days I inject written on a board on my fridge. (With my memory problems I find I have to check which days I need to inject). Having them written on the board also reminds my husband to remind ME to take my Ibuprophen about an hour before bedtime on shot night. (I take the injection when I go to bed). When I take the IBU I take the Rebif out of the fridge and put it on my night stand. When I do forget it's a pain, because it completely changes the 3 days I inject.

          You'll find your routine and the best memory triggers for you.




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            I have forgotten also

            I have to set my injection by my toothbrush or I will forget also. like Kim I like to do my shot in the morning, I feel better all around. Hey how about that coffee........