This story on equestrian Mary Jordan defines what it means to be an active MSer. You go, Mary!

"I was diagnosed almost 10 years ago," Jordan said. "I was the third person in my family diagnosed with MS. There I was, a young adult with a full, active lifestyle. I had a full time job, I was competing horses and I had a 5-year-old son. It was the scariest time of my life."

Jordan set out to conquer the disease, which attacks the nervous system and causes muscle stiffness, vision and memory problems and pain throughout the body. The disease turned Jordan's father into a paraplegic.

"This is not my dad's MS," she said. "There have been so many advances in medications. I take daily injections and they help keep the symptoms in check. I train in the gym. I ride every day and I work full time. It's a different picture of the one I initially thought there would be for a person with MS."

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