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    Who needs a gym? Just spent an hour dancing with my 3 year old. Love it! So thankful that I can do it!


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      Originally posted by momto3girls View Post
      Who needs a gym? Just spent an hour dancing with my 3 year old. Love it! So thankful that I can do it!
      By George, I think she's got it!
      RRMS dx 3/3/11; started Copaxone 12/1/11
      Specializing in denial since 1996. Accept the diagnosis, not the expectations...


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        Skating and cycling!

        I agree about fatigue reduction. Fortunately, fatigue is my only prominent symptom right now - and mostly only with heat. But when I started exercising regularly, things really improved!

        Because I have trouble with heat, and because working out on machines just plain bores me, I cycle and I figure skate.

        I took up figure skating at 40 - after being diagnosed. No, I'm not great, and I probably never will be. But I also don't overheat! And it has REALLY improved my balance! And there are a lot of things you can do on two feet. I've heard over other MS chat rooms and such that there are other MSers who skate, too. And I know there are adaptive programs of all sorts, though I've not heard if there's anything specifically for MS. It would be great if there were, since it gets rid of the heat problem!

        Last summer I realized that cycling also counters heat issues for me. Because of the wind (plus I ride next to a lake), I can go out when it's a couple degrees warmer than I usually would do other things. Of course, I also always stop for water breaks.

        And, like one of the other posters, I'd have to say I'm also in the best shape of my life right now. My last trip to the GP, she said, "You're in terrific shape! .... Oh, except for the MS!"

        I'd also add that I try to be aware of sports nutrition. Since I'm a little older, and because of the MS, I make sure to increase the protein for muscle recovery. My preference is a juice-based protein drink within the half hour after exercise. Or sometimes an ounce of lowfat cheese. One day I forgot, and was really stiff and tired (over-40 tired, not MS-tired) in the next 24 hours. Maybe just coincidence, but I'm a believer now!