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    Okay, so here is an interesting situation. I was walking with my son into a store. Walking like a drunk perhaps...but I think everyone knows how that goes. So a lady who works at the store says to me, "walking a little slow there mom...what's with the limp?"

    I just looked at her and didn't even know what to say, so I just leaned on my son a little more and kept walking. My balance was off, and I was slow...and I am certain people probably thought I was a boozer...but what do you say? Or is it best to just keep walking like I did? It caught me so far off guard!
    fides quaerens intellectum

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    Wow, I think you did the right thing. I haven't had anyone say anything to me yet.

    Last Saturday night my DH and I went to dinner at a really nice restaurant. We were there for about 2 hours. When we got up to leave it was hard for me to get up (MS). I told DH that people probably thought I was drunk with my balance issues. I cared, but didn't care.


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      That's too bad that people feel they need to make comments about things when I was raised to keep my mouth - and my assumptions - quiet and to myself.

      But, I have to admit my smarta** mouth would've said something to the effect of..... "I'm losing use of my legs as my illness progresses, but thanks for reminding me and my son of that". The look on that person's face would've been priceless I'm sure. I know that's not right but it would've felt really well!!


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        Thanks for putting that in perspective! You made me laugh!
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          I blogged about my smart-ass comebacks that I prepared for people who snarky comments about my trekking poles. You can read them here:

          Of course I'm usually not in the mood to make someone feel terrible, but then again, txhollyann has a great response! I could come up with new ones all day.

          What's with the limp?
          -I guess I'd rather have an incurable disease than be an asshole. Thanks for asking.
          -I injured my leg putting my foot into some nosy lady's ass. Or it could be a side effect of MS.
          -Oh thank you so much for noticing. My son gets tired of being my human cane. Would you mind taking his place? My MS is acting up today.
          -I'm so glad you asked. I have a disease called multiple sclerosis. Do you know anything at all about MS? Let's continue our conversation in the freezer aisle so I can tell you about all the side effects of the disease, including what makes my leg drag. Perhaps you'd also like to make a donation to the National MS Society. In fact, I'll provide all the information necessary so you can donate today. Would you like to give $500 or $1000?

          Okay, I better stop and get back to work.
          Dave Bexfield


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            Ok, Dave - the one about using them as a replacement "human" cane was AWESOME!!! I've gotta remember that!!!


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              Dave, you seriously made me laugh out loud. I usually am just so stunned because I was brought up to be respectful...many people must not have learned the same lessons. Anyhow, now I have a good repertoire of comebacks to choose from. Thanks!!

              I don't think he likes being a human cane...but I have to say, he thinks it is worse to be grabbed at while falling and pulled down in a parking lot. That didn't go over so well. I told him to stop wearing bright colors, like orange and yellow...too noticeable and instinctively grab at something.

              Hope everyone is doing great!
              fides quaerens intellectum