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  • Boston Marathon

    I have e-mailed the Boston marathon and I haven't heard back from them.

    I was wondering if anyone knows if MS qualifies for their mobility impaired program for the Boston marathon? Here is what it says at their website:

    "Mobility Impaired Program
    Individuals with physical permanent impairments that affect their ability to ambulate and would not otherwise qualify for entry in other divisions may be granted the following extended qualifying times:
    The qualifying time is 6:00 hours for individuals who, because of the nature of their disability, have difficulty ambulating.
    The qualifying time is 8:00 hours for individuals who, because of the nature of their disability, need mobility aids such as prosthetics, leg braces or crutches to ambulate.
    All other individuals with disabilities must follow entry procedures and qualifying standards of either the B.A.A. or the established qualifying standard from the recognized disability sports organization."

    I'm not sure if I qualify. I do have MS, but don't have crutches, braces, etc. I can get around on my own two feet. I do have the fatigue issues and sometimes the stiffness in my legs going up stairs.

    Do you think I qualify?


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    I hope so!

    I would think you would but I know how those race events are "patrolled" by the rule nazis.... You might want to contact your neuro and get a letter to have ready.

    Good luck!!


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      That's a great idea. To me their site just wasn't clear about it.

      I hadn't decided for sure whether I would try to run it or not, but was trying to understand their "wording".


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        I am dying to know, did you get an answer?