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HARD Brain Teaser: The Simpsons Crossing the River

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  • HARD Brain Teaser: The Simpsons Crossing the River

    You have been assigned by Marge (who has to take Maggie to the dentist) to keep the peace with the remaining Simpsons while she's away: Homer, Bart and Lisa. So you go for a hike in the Springfield National Forest, cross a tiny stream, and have a pleasant doh-free afternoon. Only then a huge storm hits and the tiny stream turns into a river and, gulp, you've got to get back home soon before Marge calls Chief Wiggum. Unfortunately now everyone is grouchy and the only way back across the river is by a small paddle boat that just happens to be abandoned right there (how convenient!). The boat can only hold at most you and one of the Simpsons and you need to get them all across. But the big dilemma: left unsupervised, Homer will strangle Bart or Bart will beat up Lisa. How can you do it and keep everyone safe?

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    Answer: First, take Bart across the river and leave him on the far shore, leaving Homer and Lisa together. Paddle back and get Lisa, leaving only Homer. Drop off Lisa BUT take Bart back (so brother and sister donít kill each other). Now drop off Bart and grab Homer. Take Homer to the far side, being careful he doesnít swamp the paddle boat doing something dorky, to hang with Lisa. Finally, paddle the now passenger-less boat back to Bart, tell him nicely to get back in the boat, and cross the river one last time to avoid the wrath of Marge.
    Dave Bexfield