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skin rashes, pustules, unholy itching ?

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  • skin rashes, pustules, unholy itching ?

    Over the past 2 yrs. I've been dealing with "medication related pustulosis" and yeast skin infections. Neurologist assures me my MS is stable. I'm only on 1 medication ,Lorezapam, for sleep. Last year I had to go off Zaneflex to get the boiling redness out of my face.
    Any one else experiencing this JOY?
    I was clear for a few months by living like I was at one of those Palm Springs detox spas where the actors go to get "camera ready." In other words, living on liquids. It was working,too, until weather started to heat up& I got out last week to pick up groceries. The store was warm. The MS thermostat problem kicked in & I ran to the frozen food section & held a door open on me. Finally got home but alas, big red hives all over my neck were popping up & they're turning into pustules. I'm "spackling" on anti fungal creams & just today started getting some better.
    The pain has been so bad I dang near cried (very unusual). I exercise no matter what so I'm jogging & stretching in shallow water. Modified yoga ok but can't do full stretches because my neck & bad pain chains start out of that. My beloved treadmill gets the whole stingy hot thing started on those neck spots. Haven't left the house because it's been too hot & spots/pain get worse. As soon as I'm strong enough, I'll leave town for cooler climate than May/June north Texas. Anybody else out there having these adventures?
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    Tex, if you post in this forum, it will get fewer eyeballs than in our general forum. Holler if you'd like me to move it. And with a question this specific, MSWorld might be another place to post.
    Dave Bexfield


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      Thanks for guidance & yes move it!

      Yes, move it wherever you think best!


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        Hi Tex,

        Do you have a clue what you're allergic to?
        I'm on Avonex and it's made me photosensitive (allergic to the sun)
        When I go out, I break out into rashes anyplace the sun has hit me (being heat sensitive with MS, I can't even wear fully covering clothes).. I made this connection only after a year of itching and scratching myself in the sun


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          and I get these moving hot patches all over my leg too and now upper body