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Chronic appendicitis not MS flare

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  • Chronic appendicitis not MS flare

    Hello all. I haven't posted in awhile because I haven't been well. It wasn't a MS attack just an overall decline in my health, strength, endurance. My fatigue was looming large and I felt a lot of pressure in upper abdomen and discomfort. I thought maybe I had an ulcer or UTi. My MS symptoms seemed to be increased, but I suspected an infection so I went to GP and had lab work and CAT scan. The CAT scan showed I had a significantly dangerously enlarged Appendix. My labs were not remarkable. The dr felt I may have had atypical symptoms because of MS affecting the way I feel pain but also chronic or less acute appendicitis can present differently. I had my appendix removed last week and I'm currently doing well and on the mend. My fatigue appears to be gone with my appendix! And my feeling of being unwell is gone too. I hope my story can remind everyone that one should not just accept feeling horrible as part of MS and to get dr to rule out infection if one experiences a general decline in overall health . I hope to start trying some exercises in a few weeks with my new found energy.! Suebee

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    Glad to hear from you SueBee. Ouch having surgery. Good you are on the mend. Praying for a quick recovery.