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  • Pilates

    So I do pilates 3 to 4 times a week, I love it. The instructor on the video I have is really great w/ focusing on breathing(which after doing pilates for 5 yrs I still can't get). B4 the actual exercise class begins, she demonstrates proper alignment, breathing and stretching(I use this time to stretch now). I got the DvD from the MSF(MS foundation)and just bought it on amazon. Its called -MS exercise Series: "compilation DVD", it has 3 different exercise videos on it: "yes you can", "all about awearness" and " balance in motion"(thats the pilates one). Another thing I love about this video is the participants all have MS! and they show modifications if you can't get to the floor. I don't know exactly which exersize it is, maybe its everything together, but my body FEELS better after. Its easier to walk to move; you feel stronger, not so likely to fall. I don't get that from anything else w/o a bathing suit. love it!