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  • CrossFitters?

    My Daughter and I have been doing CrossFit since April of this year. I am pleased to report I have lost 5.5" on my waist and 2" off my butt.

    On Wednesday we had to do a new exersize called the Bear Complex. I was petrified...for no reason. It was an awesome, fun work out that escalated my self esteem and confidence.

    Here is a youtube video demonstrating the bear complex...And I did it with 40#. FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!

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    Wow that's impressive. I joined crossfit this june, so far I love it. I was so happy tonight that I skipped 450 times. It wasn't pretty.


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      That is fabulous!!! It gets better with time. The first time we had to do double unders, I couldn't walk for 4 days!!!

      Last night I FINALLY did toes to bar and knees to elbows. Talk about not pretty. lol
      I am so proud of me!! 30 T2B!!!! WOO HOO!!

      I love the confidence that CrossFit gives. I can do things I never thought I a million years!!