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Dancing for exercise?

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  • Dancing for exercise?

    Albuquerque is lucky to have one of the better world music fests in the US (¡Globalquerque!, and this past weekend Laura and I attended both evenings. We saw 16 bands on three stages. And even though I packed on the steps walking between venues, I still did a good bit of dancing--yes, with my forearm crutches. My Fitbit registered over 2.5 miles and 5,000 steps, both high numbers due to my clomping around on the dance floor. It hosed me (in a good way).

    Who else here dances, all gimpy-like or otherwise?
    Dave Bexfield

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    I dance from time to time with my sticks. I had a great experience at our local, rural, county festival dancing under the moon and stars to a local rock band called Lola and the Phantoms. I put a chair behind me and my dancing partner was a great, big guy able to catch me if I took a tumbel (which I didn't).

    It was a blast. Sounds like you also had a blast, Dave.

    Teena Marie