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  • Awesome Bike Ride Today

    I just had an awesome ride with my teammates and I just had to share. We went on a 60 mile ride out of San Francisco, across the Golden Gate Bridge, through Tiberon, up (and I really mean up) and over Mt. Tam and back. Days like today make me forget that I have MS.

    My legs are so tired and I know that my Avonex injection is going to hurt like crazy, but it's all worth it...

    By the way, this is my first post with this group. Here's a little about me... I'm an elite road cyclist. I race in the San Francisco Bay area and am a member of an awesome women's cycling team.

    I was diagnosed with MS in early August. My first symptoms of MS were in Nov '08 when I experienced what I think was a MS hug. My GP eventually ordered a MRI which showed a handfull of lesions. None were active and my symptoms were not textbook MS so my neuro and I decided to wait and see. Fast forward to late July '08 and I started slurring my speech. Back to the neuro, MRI, and we found more lesions and even an active lesion. Long story short, I was diagnosed with RRMS in early August.

    I'm on disease modifying therapy (I decided on Avonex because I thought it would have the least effect on my training) and am optimistic that I can continue being a competitive athlete with MS.

    I'm hoping that my participation in this board will help other athletes with MS as well as all others considering athletics (competitive or not) while having MS...


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    Great message, BikeRacer. MS can be tough, especially when just getting diagnosed (as most of us can attest). This is just the positive attitude we all need.

    There are a number of people on this board who still are extremely active in their passions. Stay on that bike! It would be great it you could keep us all posted on your future successes (or challenges)....
    Dave Bexfield


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      Wow, congrats and how 'bout BIKE MS?

      welcome bike racer! I like the recumbant bike version myself ... but admire you immensely! Atsana was training in ABQ and we have an amazing BIKE MS 150 ride! Come do it! or check out all the other national rides you can do!
      We'd love to have you here! -- Caitlin