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  • Improve your attention span

    Most MSers have noticed their attention spans have gotten shorter. It's not that we're bored easier; it's those darn brain lesions.

    According to an article in Real Simple magazine, "recent studies have shown that people who engage in aerobic exercise -- anything from ice-skating to taking a brisk walk -- at least two days a week -- have better concentration levels than do nonexercisers. If you've been stuck at your desk all day and a quick walk around the block isn't an option, just stand up. This simple act tells your brain it's time to be awake and act alert, says Kathleen Nadeau, Ph.D."

    The magazine lists other ways to keep mentally sharp and help your concentration levels, including the benefits of sleep and food. I like both of those! They also address how stress can affect your attention span, which is likely even more applicable in those of us with multiple sclerosis. See the full article here:
    Dave Bexfield