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  • Marathon

    I have been training hard and I do my last real long run (21 miler this weekend). The marathon is next month.

    I am excited and hopeful my MS doesn't get in the way.

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    Marathoning is very important to me and today I did a 21 miler. I had spasticity problems from mile 1, my foot would feel like it was on fire several times during the run, and my back ached on and off. I was able to finish the run with a good time. I am now in what is called "tapering" until the marathon.

    The marathon I am planning to run in is asking people why they are running the marathon. I sent them an e-mail about myself and about this website. I am hoping that they will see that even if we have a terrible disease, that we don't give up and we do whatever our bodies will let us.

    I feel I don't have many more marathons left in me because of my spasticity problems and my fatigue issues. But, no matter what I will continue to exercise in whatever form I can.

    I admire all of you for being active in whatever way that is for you. You all deserve a medal!