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    I just started back riding from the fall. WOW! i felt better breathing and my legs felt great. and i dont slouch in the saddle.Afterwards it took me 3 days to get my leg muscles together. I figured I wont push it. When my legs feel better ,like today Ill ride again. I was upset the following days because I have been riding for 50 plus years.working,showing etc. I wonder IF or WHEN i will ever be back to some kind of "normal" with my riding.

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    Hang in there! I have been riding off and on my entire life. I stopped when I was told I had MS (big mistake) and almost 10 years later picked it back up again because I couldn't stay away.

    Am I the same as I was when I was younger and before I knew I had MS? Uh, no. But I don't care. The feeling I get when I'm in the saddle or just working with my (yes I now own my own) horse is the best therapy in the world. I bought a stupidly expensive extra secure custom jumping saddle because I intend to jump again, no ifs and or buts about it. I don't care if it's only 1 foot off the ground, I'm jumping. Hopefully the horse will come with me...

    Don't give up and be happy with the little successes that happen over time. I'm particularly happy when I remember to point my toe forward instead of out where it likes to be most of the time and when I have the rare seamless canter transition. That is always wonderful.


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      Horse Lover

      Wow, I am envious of you guys. I have ridden since I was 5yrs old and used to own an Arabian/Standardbred gelding. He was my best friend and I loved riding bareback and feeling one. It is reassuring to hear you are able to continue your passion. I haven't been around horses since my diagnosis in 2003. You have inspired me to start by trying an Equine MS program to check balance. The next step may be buying another horse or at least volunteering at the Equine program. Thanks again for the inspiration and hope