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MS DMDs and Jogging

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  • MS DMDs and Jogging

    Hi all, I am really glad to have found this forum,as since being diagnosed with MS 2 years ago, everyone keeps saying 'oh you should maybe stop your running and take up swimming' , this coming from my doctor and physiotherapist. I dont want to, as it makes me feel good when I can get back to my 10kms after a relapse, a sort of bench mark.. My question is I have been on copaxone for over 2 years and have had only 1 relapse requiring steroids, but I have had dips every couple of months where I cant run or do much really, so I feel it puts my training back, as Im having to build back up again. Im wondering if anyone is taking any DMDs and are successfully able to train and keep training to be able to reach their own personal bench mark, whether it be 1km or 10 km or marathon. Im currently awaiting my last MRI results with the view to change my DMD to one that will not cause mini relapses. I can only pray it works so I can reach my final goal of a half marathon that I was training for before MS came into my life. Thanks for reading. Heather

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    Running and DMDs


    I have been on copaxone for 3 years and run all the time. Since I received my diagnosis 4 years ago, I have run over 10 1/2 marathons and run about 900 to 1000 miles over a year. The medicine has never been an issue for me.


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      It's possible it's your particular brand of MS. As we keep finding out, none of us reacts the same. Perhaps it's not the DMD's. I'm sure you will reach your goal. I find listening to my body (even when I don't want to) helps me with my training. It sounds like you're doing really well. Keep it up.

      Teena Marie