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  • Recumbent Trikes in NYC

    I know this is a long shot, but I've had this dream of riding my bicycle around Manhattan for Bike MS. So this year I signed up to ride with my nephew who also has MS and other friends and family members. Only problem is, I ride a recumbent trike that doesn't fold, so I'm not bringing it with me (I live in Colorado). It's been incredibly hard to find someone to rent me a recumbent trike in NY. I've got one lined up that's in Brooklyn that's not ideal -- I ride a tadpole (2 wheels in front) and this one's got 2 wheels in back and is much more upright than what I'm used to.

    Does anybody know anyone who might rent me their tricycle for the day (Oct. 6)? The ride is 30 miles, and it's not likely I'll ride the entire route. Plus, I am very cautious....


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    Laura - great goal! The ride around NYC is a wonderful and fast one - don't psych yourself out of your goal before you even start! You can certainly do all 30 miles. Plan for plenty of food stops along the way and just pace yourself. Besides, theres so much good food to eat in the city, its a great excuse to stop every 5-10 miles

    I live by NYC, but don't know anyone with a trike, sorry. I can recommend looking into bike shops in northern New Jersey - theres got to be someone out there renting trikes. Plus, starting from the park in Fort Lee and riding over the GWB is a great way to start your ride. The only downside is that your last mile or two will be uphill to get back on the bridge, but I think the view is well worth it!

    When you do make the trip - I will warn you, pick a weekday and ride mid-day. The path around manhattan gets super crowded on nice weekends, and I can't imagine dodging runners on a trike is easy. If you're locked into sunday the 6th, try to head south early - the west side is probably the most crowded.

    Have fun!
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      Laura, I will also be riding in BikeMS NYC. I would suggest you contact the NYC Chapter of the NMSS at 212 476 0485. See if Shera, Dani, Carrie or anyone associated with BikeMS could talk with you. They are all good people. The Chapter has had days when they arrange for folks to try out recumbents and hand cycles, so they may know someone more local, or may know someone who is a good soul and could get you a trike closer to Manhattan and to your specifications.
      I hope you get to do this, the ride is a hoot...Really fun to ride around the city traffic free.....going right by the new Freedom Tower, South Street Seaport, blah, blah, blah..... The ride is manageable, plus they have very good support available to anyone who needs it. Lots of cyclists, but not at all a zoo. IF you get to do this, I'd love to connect with you.....I will be with my team, Vicious Cyclers in the Super Team area after the ride. Good luck and Happy Riding!
      Be thankful. Dream Big. Never Give Up.


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        Thanks for your support, Diana.

        It's amazing how difficult it is to rent a recumbent. The ride I'm doing is the NMSS Manhattan ride. We're starting at West Street and 46th and finishing at Pier 94. The roads will be closed to traffic. It sounds really incredible to me.

        Under good circumstances, I know I can do the whole ride, but I had an exacerbation over the summer and some other health problems (was in the hospital 2 weekends with a kidney infection and then a bad reaction to the antibiotics), so I'm still a pretty weak. So..., wish me luck!


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          Thanks -- I will call tomorrow morning! And I try to track you down after the ride.