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BLOG: Managing MS Endurance

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  • Veronica
    Managing MS Endurance

    Hooray for you Dave! Obviously you had your fitbit on, otherwise I would say, Stop Counting and enjoy the view!

    The interval work you did on your hike is something that was taught to me right at the beginning of my MS journey by my PT who has actually done research on the value of interval training with us MSers. And it has also served me well...... to find a way to have a fun time with a physical activity is truly soul satisfying and you're right, so what if I am the tortoise with it... I have also applied this theory to my job, and now "Puddle jump' through my work, with taking a week off sporadically before the stress of work turns me into a total mess..... that way I have enough energy to take care of some personal things I want to attend to, and makes me feel good that I am taking care of my health also..... I am lucky to have a good 5 weeks a year of vacation and personal time, and no longer bank these hours....and no longer feel badly for my coworkers when I take off.

    A perk from living with MS is that it has really helped me no longer compare myself with others.....a very freeing feeling.....

    I'll toast you with a cerveza this evening, fearless leader!

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  • ActiveMSers
    started a topic BLOG: Managing MS Endurance

    BLOG: Managing MS Endurance

    This past weekend while hiking in Sedona, I walked more in a single day than I had since 2009ó2.9 miles, over 6,200 gimpy steps. Of course I realize this might not sound like much, especially if you do the math. I mean, it would take me nine full record-setting days to accomplish a single marathon, which apparently any remotely athletic Kenyan can run in under three hours. But with multiple sclerosis doing a number on my legs, itís cause for a minor celebration, like a Snoopy happy dance (sans dance).

    How did I go so far? By learning to smartly manage my endurance. Read how in my newest blog below. How do you modify your adventures to maximize your fun?