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    Good work, Kristen and amazing bike camp,Pell. It's always so inspiring to hear what everyone is doing.

    I hope the deck job wasn't too hard on your body, Larry.

    I'm heading for a swim and water workout. I took yesterday off. I'm trying to find the balance between obsessing about exercise and injecting some breaks. It's a challenge. I'm so grateful to have my pool here in the house. We're having another huge dump of snow so getting to work is enough let alone trying to get to a pool.

    Take care all,

    Teena Marie


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      Legalized Marijuana

      I don't use marijuana, the risks out weigh the potential benefits far too much for my taste, so, being a solid citizen of the "Stoner State", I'm wondering how this stuff can possibly do me any kind of good. Then, I'm talking to a few of my MS buddies after yoga about it today, when suddenly it dawns on me that I can grow my six legally allowed mj plants and give them away - give them away that is, to the 6 most generous donors to my Bike MS rides!!!!!!!!! Who, of course, are interested and meet all of the mile long list of disclaimers, terms and conditions. If all 3,200 MS 150 riders did that, this could be a banner year for fund raising in Colorado, hell, they might raise enough money to find a cure. What do you think, if I put the offer on Craigs List - who knows, it might even go viral. I could end up being a hero - or a felon.

      thinking ..........................

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        Haha, AMF, you crack me up. I've never smoked, either, but studies keep coming out that it helps with MS symptoms, so I might put it on back on the table. Or in a brownie.
        Dave Bexfield


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          Dave, send me a donation on Pedal los Pueblos, who knows, YOU could be a WINNER!

          ps: I didn't say I'd never smoked, I only said I don't.

          pps: Just trying to find ways to get the MAXIMUM benefit out of legalized marijuana, even for those of us who don't use.
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            Kristen, congrats on the half. I love the fact that you did it with your dad. Being a dad myself, I know first hand, how great it is to have a daughter to do my bike rides with. New York sounds cool!

            TM, you guys just can't catch a break up there! Unbelievable foresight on getting the indoor pool installed though.
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              Hi all,

              More thoughts on walking. I have found crawling a good activation for walking. After all, it's the precursor for walking. I also do a version where I am upright-but on my knees-and using my sticks walk across the room. I call it kneeling walk.

              Larry, I know you use a stick sometimes-what about trying with 2-I find it spreads my weight more evenly.

              My pool walking is coming along. It's not very smooth ands my left footdrop can trip me up, but at least I'm doing this without support so my brain gets to remember what it's like.

              Pell, I thought of you and pushed hard with my swim-from 10 lengths to 15. My body feels good tonight.

              Anyone else have any walking advice?

              As usual, take care all,

              Teena Marie


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                My exercise mashup for this week

                This week I am changing things up a bit. I have been having issues with muscle tightness and joint pain lately, so I will be putting more emphasis on my yoga practice. I am also going to the pool; planning on 3 days, after work. Two of those will be for water aerobics and strengthening and one will be a swim workout.

                I went for another awesome long-walk this morning. I stayed in the neighborhood but took a few hills today. I was able to do just over 2 miles in an hour, all the more significant since it took me a while to get going this morning and I felt great afterwards.

                Have a good week everyone. Keep moving!


                My Two Numb Feet - An MS Diary


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                  Hello to all,

                  It finally feels like spring may be possible. I've upped my swim and workout and have had some positive changes in terms of just about everything.

                  Larry, I believe you have a ride coming up soon. It must feel good-the first of the season. Good luck and enjoy.

                  Liv, your sunday walk sounded amazing. It's so great you have some good climbing on the hills.

                  Hope everyone else is good.

                  Teena Marie


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                    Thanks TM, if nothing else, I'll have a chance to see my daughters and grand kids. Figures, the biggest snow we've had all winter is happening right now. We've got six inches and it's going strong. I could actually XC ski in this one. Good to hear you're experiencing some positive changes, there's every reason to believe that it will continue.

                    LW, nice job on the walking, I'd almost call that a hike. I mean, it did include hills right? - my whole goal with the walking. Speaking of which, I thought about trying it again on Monday, with 2 poles, but didn't want to risk screwing up the old muscles and knee joints before the bike event. I'll give it a shot when I get back.

                    I did a 60 mile ride last Saturday, more than I should have, still feeling it a bit. I did a couple of short easy rides afterward and still have 2 days left to recover so, I'm not worried. The riders are given 7 hours to complete the 70 mile ride with moderate ascent, and I'll have the shoulder of my wife's cousin's wife to lean on if I need it. It's as good as done, right?

                    Take care all,


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                      Hi everyone,

                      I posted this in the general area of the forum but am particularly interested in YOUR opinions:

                      Iím looking into becoming a health coach with a concentration in autoimmune diseases. Along with my personal trainer certification, I would be certified to not only give exercise advice but nutritional advice as well. With customized plans and 24 hours of support every day, Iíd be like a one-stop shop in health.

                      If affordably priced, do you think this would interest you or a friend with an autoimmune disease? Donít worry, youíre not obligated to become a client if youíre interested, Iím just trying to see if there is a market for clients who think they could benefit from this service.

                      In what areas do you wish you had more support, whether in exercise, nutrition, spiritually, etc.? What else do you think would be helpful from a health coach, specifically with your MS?

                      Thanks for all your help! Iím looking forward to hearing your feedback!

                      Twitter: @FaithNMargs
                      Instagram: @FaithandMargaritas


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                        This has been a week of discoveries for me. Some lab work revealed an issue with my thyroid levels, for which I have been taking medication for a couple of years now. Apparently, the increased joint and muscle pain I have been having is related. I was aware that thyroid problems can cause fatigue and cognitive issues because my neurologist made it a point to check for this early on.

                        I was really perplexed as to why I was feeling wrung out and pretty much every joint in my body was complaining. Hopefully things will settle down in a few weeks with a medication change.

                        Powerful little dickens that thyroid.

                        So another great walk/hike this weekend. A bit further, 2.8 miles. The joint stuff responds well to stretching so the yoga is key for me right now. I was frankly too worn out by the end of the day to get to the pool, but the bag stays in the car and I will get there!

                        Oh, and Kristen...I think that is a great service to offer. I have had the thought that it would be great to have someone to coach and encourage me around exercise and nutrition. Someone who understood the unpredictability of MS.
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                        My Two Numb Feet - An MS Diary


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                          LW, had that exact experience with Lipitor, a statin drug. Nice to know it's not all the MS! Hope the new med works out.

                          Go for it Kristen, I'd certainly pay for an hour or so now and then to get a few nutrition and exercise questions ironed out.

                          I did the 70 mile Tour de Mesa in 4:52 arriving at the finish line to substantial fanfare from my youngest daughter. There is a story of course.

                          My wife dropped me off at a staging area about 6 in the morning. All I had to do was slap the front wheel and computer on the bike, put on my shoes, gloves, helmet and glasses and go, but, although I had meticulously packed my kit the night before, I couldn't find the computer anywhere, so I had to go with out it.

                          The start was the usual Arizona shotgun heave ho, herding all of the bikes through a two or three lane chute at the same time. Since this was a fairly small ride, 1,100 riders, it only took a few minutes to clear the chute. As soon as the the bikes strung out and the dust settled a little, I found myself flying along with a bunch of fast women. It didn't take long to work my way to the back of the pack where I could hang out with some of the older fast women who were also perfectly happy to let the younger girls do the pulling. In no time at all, they had covered 20 miles and were pulling into the first rest stop of the day for a little food and water. Being the old guy with MS that I am, I also sought out the bathroom. When I came out, all of the fast women were long gone.

                          I spent the next 20 miles with a variety of people, a professional speed skater from Canada, an air force pilot on bike patrol duty and a dentist from Tucson. Towards the end of this stretch, I started noticing my right ankle was beginning to collapse on the down stroke, a new and unsettling development. I hoped it might be the result of a poorly aligned cleat I had installed just a couple of days earlier, I feared it might be a new surprise from the MS. When I got to the next rest stop I dismounted, got a hex wrench out of my tool pack, took the shoe off and started to go to work on the cleat. PLOP! Out fell the computer from the shoe. Stupid old fart! Stupid MS! How could anyone not feel a bike computer in their shoe! Geez! Well, at least it wasn't the MS, or maybe it was but it wasn't, you know?

                          Just about the time I was remounting the bike, with the cleat adjusted and the computer mounted on the bike, a chick riding what looked to be a pretty heavy old commuter bike, wearing a little black dress and donning a big wide brimmed hat rode by. That, of course, was more than my curiosity could let pass so I hurried to catch her. I complimented her on her dress but she seemed much more interested in telling me about the hat, which looked like an Australian bush hat brim attached to a helmet. We rode together for a few miles making small talk until we came to the only significant hill on the ride, about 4 miles of 4 to 5 percent grade. There was also a slight head wind at this point and I was really hoping to hold on to her at least until we got to the top of the hill. It wasn't to be though. She rode up the hill on the heavy bike in the little black dress and wide brimmed hat and and left me in the in the dust. Maybe if I'd have complimented her on her hat and her bike instead of the dress things would have worked out differently, I don't know.

                          The downhill seemed a lot longer than the uphill warranted and the miles flew by until my daughter's voice rang out congratulating me on completing another bike ride. When I cleared the finish I turned my bike over to my daughter who took it to the car while I headed to the beer tent and started lining up a few celebratory IPA's for us. Ha, another one in the books.

                          Pell, you would really like this ride, it's the perfect confidence building season opener.



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                            Congratulations, Larry. I was beaming you vibes from Montreal. Another amazing job well done.

                            Teena Marie


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                              It sounds like a great start to the riding season Larry! I will be eager to hear about the next one!

                              Did you have any issues with staying cool or was the weather agreeable? How do you stay cool while you are cycling?
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                              My Two Numb Feet - An MS Diary


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                                Century on my single bike

                                Larry- It sounds like you did a great job- as always- on your ride. Congrats!
                                For the past several years, most of my long bike rides have been done as the stoker on the back of our tandem. This year, due to the torture camp in Tucson, I am much stronger and my bike skills have improved significantly. As our first planned century of the season approached, it became apparent that Mike wasn't up to it. We did a 23 mile ride last week on the tandem that was too much for him even though I did most of the "heavy lifting".
                                So, yesterday, I rode my first century on a single bike in 6 years. I felt pretty strong and competent for the entire ride. I rode with a woman in our bike club and we attached ourselves to anyone who would have us during the ride. We finished at 15.7mph- 6 hours and 15 minutes of pedaling time and over 4000' of climbing. The last 15 miles were very long and slow- one hill was up to 22%-but I did the entire ride and have no ill effects today. I did let myself get psyched out about a hill at mile 87 and unclipped and walked about 200 feet. I even cleaned the porch last night after we drove home.
                                Even though Tucson was very hard on my ego, it apparently gave my a great jump start on the season. Our next century is the Horsey and I am hoping to do that on the tandem, but I know I can do it on my own. We are doing the Kentucky Century Challenge this year, even though their jersey is orange.
                                I am beginning to think that my biggest limitation is my mind.