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    I'm bumping this popular post back to the top so others can see it and chime in with new tips. MS and walking challenges are always essential topics of conversation.
    Dave Bexfield


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      Thank you for bumping this up. I have been reading through a lot!

      I use a three wheeled walker. Have used it for 25 years. I use it when I am away from my farm.
      Here is the problem..
      These walkers had a simple system to raise and lower the height of the handlebars. You push the button on the pole and move the pole up or down to adjust height and the button you pushed pops into a different hole. Do this the other side and have control. The way outside summer umbrellas work.

      I raise and lower to fit into my car and to use it outside when walking. Useful. Very useful. Suddenly the process changed and now I have to do something else to raise and lower the handlebars. pain in the neck. But they are all made this new way. All that I can find.

      I realized that I am hunching over the handlebars. Actually my PT noticed this. She helped a lot by telling me to remember to angle my elbows toward my waist to straighten my spine.

      But! I would be so grateful if I found a source to buy the original. I need 6” solid rubber wheels . Not those flimsy thin Winnie walker type walker.

      Still farming and crawling but sometimes I go public and want to focus on stopping this hunching over but want the ease of my original 3 wheeled walker..��
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        Still walking here too but for anything more than a quick lap around the grocery store, I use a cane or walking pole. For distances more than a mile I also use an AFO. I don't like the AFO though because it seems to cause my knee to hyper extend, something I've noticed frequently in other people who use them. Anybody know how to get around that problem?



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          (Grumble…) I am talking about my walking issues… Actually glad you bounced this up Dave. I read through much of the old stuff, and it helped me pinpoint why I have such an adversity to focusing on what I have been told to do concerning my walking. Getting right to the point, I can now admit that all the walking work that I have done in the past did not translate into any increase in enjoyment in walking. I might have gotten a little more distance, but it is still a very stressful time, with my total focus on what I am doing, looking slightly down to watch out for uneven surfaces, or stuff in the way, and not really able to additionally focus on any companion’s conversation. And forget about my saying anything important when I walk!

          Honestly wasn’t getting ANY satisfaction in walking a longer distance as I would finish being totally fatigued and I didn’t even care about the accomplishment. ( Grumble…)

          As a result, I had slowly gotten more and more lax in doing my interval walking routine, and settled for being able to walk at most ¼ mile distance …and that has been with lots of agita and multiple stops. I’m just being honest here, I'm not the only one feeling this way, am I??

          When I recently saw my PT we got into a very serious conversation about my lack of motivation in this area. I have gotten so much stronger in my cycling (the e-assist gets me out much more often, and it so much more enjoyable than cycling was without this) , but walking….meh…. What I can do on a treadmill doesn’t translate into outside walking, and I think this also discouraged me from really pushing it. Our conversation ended with my asking him to yell at me about this. He was very serious when he said I didn’t have to ask to be yelled at, as he was very concerned I would lose what I had ….

          Most serious and reprimanding talk he has ever had with me. We usually put a lot of humor into our sessions, but not during this talk. So I am taking his heed….

          Thanks Dave for re-introducing this thread. I have changed my goal at this point from improved distance and enjoyment to just maintaining what I have. And it is definitely helping with the motivation. I am back to doing my several sets of 15 second fast walking around my house. Some days I can do 3-4 sessions before my form breaks down, and my hip drops, etc. Other days, like today, I get through one and see I need to take a big break, stretch the hip much more, do more of my other hip exercises, and try several hours later. And I have been making myself walk an additional 5 minutes most days… But can I say I hate it??

          Now, in the month that I have been getting myself much more regimented in doing what I should for my hip and general walking endurance, I feel more steady in my hips, and have had some series of steps that almost feel good. Still don’t really enjoy it, but I am trying like crazy to “ Just Do It”. ( Grumble and Sigh…)
          Be thankful. Dream Big. Never Give Up.


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            Yup...motivating ourselves can sometimes take a holiday

            My farming season stopped as I got the first cold I have had in 30 years and I was coughing so much I missed the last farmers’ market. So, ok. The timed intense work ended but there is so much to do in readying the farm for winter and in readying the greenhouses for new plants to grow for winter farmers’ markets.

            What have I done? Almost nothing. Today I had a ‘ good talking’ to myself and forced myself to go out and work for two chunks of time. And I looked at my plants and organized my mind about what to do and in which order to do these tasks.

            This may all sound simple but I have heaved myself out of the well of thinking that kept me immobile and constantly grazing on foods.. here’s hoping I stick with my winter schedule.

            Any day the sun is out the greenhouses are warm and the humidity feels nice. Soon we will start growing snow peas, haricot verts and radishes for the winter market.


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              Ah, yes. Certainly the number 1 preoccupation of any, if not all, of us.
              I currently use an electric wheelchair. This past summer, I was making progress walking in the pool hanging on to the edge and the arm of my assistant in August. All was put on hold while 2 injuries , burn and laceration, healed. So, I just kept the vision in my mind and kept trying to activate the pelvis as if walking, seated or lying down in bed. I would like to try walking in the pool with forearm crutches.

              Take care all, and keep on trucking!

              Teena Marie


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                Teena Marie: Larry welcomed you back on the "Training" thread, so I will do so here. So delighted to have seen your posts. I also have thought of you often! I have missed your talking about not only your progress but what you visualize as you train. It's interesting that I have really been doing the same since I gave myself that talking to. Definitely helps me. I have been working especially dilligently on my short 15 second "fast walks". While I am moving far from even a slow run, I am visualizing it as a marathoner! If nothing else, it lightens my mood to keep on schedule with these segments.

                I just "Re-booted" myself by reminding myself how I made all these exercises fun for myself when I was early in the diagnosis. I was a regular goofball about what I did, and how I felt about doing them. So, trying to get back into enjoying the challenge of it all. Truthfully? Yes, it is helping..... a little.. Still grumbling, but less often... Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's a Journey not the Destination, huh?
                Be thankful. Dream Big. Never Give Up.