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  • MS Endurance Athlete MS Drug?

    So, I want to know what meds, if any, those of you that are endurance athletes with MS take that hasn't intefered with any training or racing? I've had MS for 9 years and only took Rebif for the first year I was diagnosed and it made me feel worse, so I stopped it. I haven't been on any meds since, but have been having more issues. I compete in triathlons of all distances and would love to hear what is working on fellow athletes.

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    I am not a triathlete or very good at endurance events but I try.

    Copaxone got in the way a lot. Biking with the site reactions was so aggravating.

    I am on Gilenya now and it does not interfere with what I want to do at all.

    But that is just my experience.


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      I've run six marathons on Tysabri. So far so good. This fall I'll be doing my seventh, the NYC Marathon.


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        I'm on Tecfidera - no issues or side effects at all here. I could rave all day about how thankful I got on this drug. Only thing that affects my training is it makes my nose runny sometimes... but my nose did that anyway beforehand, so not a big deal. Get your butt on meds, and i'd suggest this stuff.


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          I've been on Copaxone and am on Tysabri now. Done Ironmans on each without any problems. With Copaxone, I had to be a little careful with the injection site on my quad - sometimes that might cause a little discomfort while training...but nothing really all that bad. With all of the new drugs out there, we are really fortunate to have a selection to pick from!


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            I am currently on Copaxone and have had no difficulty with my training, especially since it is now dosed three times a week. I have ridden 4 centuries this year.
            I did have significant difficulty with Gilenya- restrictive lung disease and lowered VO2max.
            It took a year for that to clear.


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              I am also on Tecfidera and have not had any issues. I ran a marathon within the first month of starting it and I still did fine. I am running a half marathon tomorrow. Injection sites with Copaxone bothered me. Don't let the MS get any worse. good luck with your next event.