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MSers in Training 2021

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  • MSers in Training 2021

    My first workout in 2021 was a 6-mile neighborhood bike ride on January 1. My cell phone is on its last legs, so there are no photos to recognize the occasion. This year I hope to really up my mileage. Last year I rode over 900 miles; for 2020 my goal is 1500. On the surface that sounds crazy, but when I get my new e-trike finally rolling (fingers crossed!) I'll be able to much farther on my rides.

    Also: I am going to double down on stretching, as I've gotten rather lax lately. Not a good thing! And I'm going to emphasize HIIT when I do cardio to make sure I get my HR up there. I hope to cycle 2-3 days a week, hit legs 2-3 times per week, and then get in some upper body strength work in between. I've discovered handcyling is great for my upper body strength, but if I cycle a day after exercising arms with strength training, my riding definitely suffers. So I'll have to space those out.

    Like every year, I have no resolutions per se, just goals. What are your plans for the new year??
    Dave Bexfield

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    Busy here defining goals too. I'd like to keep my mileage at at least 3,000 for the year but I'll propably drop back on ascent. Got to keep the HITT's up of course! Wish I could get back to the club and yoga but doesn't look like that's in the cards, at least not in person any time soon.

    I'm also looking for an MS 150 to get into but the only ride I've seen scheduled yet for this year is the Santa Fe Century. Anybody know if NMSS is even going to try to run any rides this year?