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    Weird year - pools gyms still closed here, social gathering restrictions still in effect, Winnipeg is currently the COVID hotspot in north america per capita infection rates so re-opening plans still in limbo.....but I have managed to find a silver lining....horses and their care and exercise is considered essential so I have been able to continue horse back riding and have been training in dressage (think of it as compulsory figures in figure skating - no jumping) and even participated in a para (disability) dressage video competition where we submitted videos to be judged. I won my division haha! Nothing fancy, but a good way to stay motivated during these strange times.

    Had a strong reaction to the COVID vaccine that had me feeling blah and even a bad bought of vertigo, just getting back into the groove again. Nice weather helping too.

    Starting to get out on the bike, commuting to work here and there and rides with the hubby....

    Take care all

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      Dave, repetitive motion injuries are the worst! Sneaky devils, can impart real lasting harm, just ask "The Bullet". Suggested she get a bike fit for two years, she finally did but only after she couldn't ride anymore. 20 years, a couple of kids and a few extra lbs make a difference! New handle bars, shorter stem, raised seat and different cleat angle and She's a lot more comfortable now. Hoping you get past the onslaught of problems you've been experiencing soon, I am really looking forward to hearing some new trike adventures.

      Karen, wow, what a beautiful horse! I can imagine the horse and dressage keep you plenty busy. Hope things loosen up for you up there. We are approaching normal here, just hope it lasts.

      In the last two weeks I've done my longest ride and my greatest ascent YTD, not at the the same time of course. Did some riding at altitude and climbed Lookout mtn, pretty slow but made it without stopping so I'm happy!

      I really am getting awfully slow, to the extent that I'm going to look at an ebike. Like Veronica said some years ago, it's just not fair to my buddies, I need to be able to keep up. I'm looking at something a little more versatile than what I have now, like a gravel grinder, not in a rush though.

      770 miles and 21,000 ft of ascent YTD
      longest single ride, 46 miles
      greatest single ride ascent, 1,700 ft

      Finally feel like I'm getting somewhere, although pain levels after the bigger rides are approaching off the charts sometimes,
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        Karen, love your dressage division award! Congratulations! A friend of mine used a similar description for dressage; tap dancing. Really cool. I understand too that it is very helpful for balance and core strength. Texas is open but I encounter different kind of issues with getting outside: I get dirty looks, stares, and sometimes aggressive comments because I wear a mask after the Governor lifted the mask requirement recently. It’s causing me anxiety to go out, strange for me as a natural extrovert.

        Larry, Thanks for all updates on your riding. It spurred me on to ride around neighborhood. I recently mastered getting off without falling. I pull onto grass and with both legs planted, I slowly lower bike to one side so I can bring one leg over bike. Not at all graceful, but a lot better than falling on top of bike. I hear ebikes are awesome. But it Doesn’t mean you don’t have to pedal though!


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          Hey all!

          Everyone accomplishes so much in their chosen sport! Great commitment to getting out consistently. Awesome and inspiring.

          Not a ton of training to report here but plenty of physical activity. Lots of gardening, and I ride my bike to work everyday, 3 miles each way. Dave and Larry - I’m a paralegal in estate/trust administration and work with a lot of trustees so I have an idea of what you’re going through! We’ve also been spending evenings and weekends transitioning a rental house in the mountains into a property for sale. The last renters accumulated a lot of extra “stuff” on the land that we’ve been hauling out. I can feel myself getting stronger over the past few weeks and I’m not near as dead tired as I was in the beginning of this process. Progress I think!

          I’ve only been on one overnight shakedown cruise in the woods so far. I felt clumsy and tired and kind of discouraged. It was all the little things that exhausted me, like grabbing and pulling my tent out of the backpack, rolling up my inflatable sleeping pad and stuffing it in the little carrying bag, crouching down to cook and pump water. I think I’m just generally out of shape. Now that the house is for sale backpacking will commence in earnest this weekend. Usually I feel better and better with each step further on the trail and into the wilderness so I’m hoping for that!

          Happy trails everyone!