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Tremor when stretching, static etc?

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  • Tremor when stretching, static etc?

    Hi,. I'm a 40-something UK-based woman newly diagnosed with RRMS last december and haven't yet started treatment. I was diagnosed after a relapse last summer that affected my face, but also had what we now know must have been a relapse about a decade ago that affected my right arm.

    I am very active - spinning/cycling/walking/running 3-4x a week, weight training 2-3 x a week (heavy weights and bodypump). I'm noticing more and more that I'm getting tremor in my arms and legs during and after weights sessions, particularly in my 'bad' arm - for example when I'm stretching out, or even if I just sit in particular poses or try to hold a position for too long. I think I've had it for a while but it's getting more noticeable now especially when I'm tired. Is this usual and do other people experience this? Will it get worse? Anything I can do to help it or not make it worse? I tend to go quite heavy on weights and have done a lot of lifting in the past but I'm worried I might be making things worse in the long run.

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    Yes this sounds like what happens to me ; muscle fatigue. Things that help me are: Rest between sets, cold shower before exercise, watching core temperature, using a fan, switching poses and muscle groups more often, staying hydrated, not skipping meals. Also be aware to not put yourself in a potentially dangerous situation. Early on with MS, I swam alone and found I was too fatigued to get out of pool and I kayaked in a choppy bay and needed help from another kayaker to navigate back to shore. But keep at it! You want to stay as active and fit as possible. All over This site you will see athletes that accomplish great feats despite MS. You got this!


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      Thanks for taking time to reply Suebee
      It definitely gets worse if I'm hungry or cold, which is interesting.
      I am lucky that my symptoms are currently having a minimal impact on my life and I'm hopeful I can stay as active as possible through this.


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        I get tremors like this. The longer I hold a position the worse it gets.
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          Hey Scribe (a writer like me?) heavy weights, as long as you can safely lift them, are no problem. Exercise will NOT make your MS worse. That said, it may temporarily make your symptoms worse. Heat from exercising can do that. Also, you may experience muscle fatigue earlier than before. Again, you are not hurting yourself. But your ego may get slightly dinged!

          How to prevent some of these issues? Precooling helps. Staying cool while exercising helps (cooling vests, e.g.). Stretching regularly (ideally 3x day) helps. There are lots of tips in my exercising with MS guide: You'll get a free printable PDF version if you've signed up to get the newsletter. Which I'm sure you've done, because you seem smart.

          Finally, get on therapy asap. That's the #1 way to delay getting worse, particularly if you get on one of the more aggressive treatments.

          Glad you found us!!
          Dave Bexfield


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            Hi Dave, Thanks very much for the tips. That's really good to know and reassuring that I can keep going within my limits, and I'll try and increase my stretching.
            I'm hoping to start therapy as soon as possible, just waiting for some blood tests