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Exercising while relapsing?

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    Thought I'd check back in to log my long run of 17 miles. I kept it slow, as you are supposed to in training. I ran long today as I am not sure how much I will get in tomorrow and Christmas.

    I have 1 more 20 miler and then it's taper time for me...I hope to do my 20 up in Redding as that is where I am visiting.

    Is anyone interested in an exercise log thread? It could be fun and motivating...


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      I think your idea of an exercise log is great. I know I like seeing what other athletes with MS are up to and how they are coping. And youíre right, it is very motivating.

      Iím not training for anything yet, just trying to stay in reasonable shape between cycling seasons. Doing a little lifting, ellipticals and yoga but fell off the wagon pretty badly over the holidays. Hopefully I will get back to it this week.

      Here are a couple of questions for you if you donít mind. How many miles / week do you plan to peak at and how long is your taper?


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        I just did my last 20 miler today as I am visiting my parents in Redding, CA. I love this trail here. It's on the Sacramento River, and just beautiful. I hope the weather is this good on Jan. 16. Last year I did this marathon in the pouring rain.

        My taper will be three weeks long. This next week I won't really decrease the miles, but the next 2 weeks I'll do 30 and then 20 miles/wk, respectively. I am relatively low as far as mileage for a marathon. I will peak at about 45 miles.