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bladder issue managment for running competition?

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  • bladder issue managment for running competition?

    Hoping some of you have this issue and have suggestions. I've been running enough that I'm ready to enter a half marathon but have not done so because I'm worried about how on earth I'll manage my bladder... Where I run for training its easy for me to slip off into the bushes which I do several times each long run. Its like when my heart rate gets above 140 I instantly need to pee. I'd really like the experience of actually doing an 'official' run. Anyone dealt with this problem and have any suggestions?

    Happy exercising!

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    Hello! My MSer hub and I have done a few half marathons--not fast, but we get there--and plan to do more. Look for races that publish a good course map online ahead of time (you could start researching now for next year's races). Good maps will show you the number and location of water and 'comfort' stops. It really varies--some races will only have a few, while others have them about every mile or so, which is about as good as it gets. Other pieces of advice are to look for out-and-back courses (you pass each comfort stop twice, plus you have an opportunity to scope things out on the way out). Loop courses with lots of stops also work well. The downside of point to point courses is that you will typically have a shuttle ride to one end or the other; usually these are on something along the lines of a school bus, so in other words no facilities on board. If the race offers a VIP option you may want to pay up for that; usually these include some kind of favorable restroom access for before/after the race. None of this provides the same kind of immediate relief as the proverbial stop in the shrubs, but they can make it a little easier to manage. Happy running!


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      Thanks for the course advice that will be useful. Sorry its taken me so long to check back again.

      In case its useful to anyone I have made significant progress in 'training' my bladder. I still need to go a couple times on my long runs but not immediately like I used to. It was baby steps. Basically instead of going when the need struck and then peeing enough to fill a thimble, I made myself wait. At first just a minute or 2 even though I felt like I was going to burst and I gradually built this up over time. Oddly this has had 2 effects. Now I don't need to immediately go if my heartrate does above 140. Also, once I need to go I can make myself wait 15-20 minutes. combining these the end result is pretty good.

      This doesn't solve the 'leaky' problem but this seems to be somewhat seperate for me. I'm lucky in that its never been worse that 'a little bit leaky'. This seems to be worse some days than others and I've just accepted that I'm going to need to live with it.

      Happy Excercising everyone!


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        Just wanted to post an update on this in case it motivates anyone else. I managed to train my body including bladder and finished my first full marathon in Banff last weekend. It was painful but awesome. I'm slow but it was so worth it! I hope the rest of you can be so lucky! I feel truly blessed to be on a drug that is working for me and to have found the motivation to excercise excessively. Its been so worth it! Just wanted to add too that I'm 50. So you don't need to be young either.