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    It's been a longtime since I last posted. I stopped posting here because my dx was in question as I had high anti-gad antibodies in my serum which usually is a marker for Stiff Person's Syndrome, but there is no standard treatment for this and have been doing well on Glatiramer Acetate. I have a lot of issues typical of MS such as bowel and bladder dysfunction (I have to self cathetrize) as well as leg weakness. So my DX is still MS as I'm stable on GA.

    Anyway, during early Covid I started taking up kayaking which seems is a good fit as it mostly uses my upper body. I've been paddling with a group who kayaks weekly on the Detroit River. The past summer we kayaked the entire length of the river and one of my partners wrote a story about it which was published in the Detroit News as shown in the link below:

    It was a fun time and kayaking has since become a big part of my life. I've also documented some of my trips on my Youtube channel with another kayaking club I've joined which can be found in the link below:

    I thought I'd share what I was up to. I hope you enjoy.


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    Hey Mark!

    Great story about paddling that river! How nice to have a group of similarly adventure minded friends.

    I took up kayaking a few years ago and it’s one of my favorite summer activities. There’s nothing like that peaceful easy feeling of floating down the river … and of course the cooler waiting at the end.

    Thanks for sharing and I hope we get to hear more about your adventures!



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      CvfActor!!! Welcome back!!! I do remember you because I was a sad to see you leave because I enjoyed your comments on forum. Glad to know you doing kayaking. I was actually eyeing a few at local sporting goods store recently. There are new inflatable kayaks helpful to transport but i haven’t sat in one to know comfort, back support, and well, water worthiness. You give me idea that finding a club in my area might be nice outlet for me. I’ve been lonelier and more restless during Covid. (And if you note time of post, bad sleeper )


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        I do a lot of winter solo kayaking in Michigan. I made a video about why I like doing this and how this fits in with how MS has affected me. Enjoy.


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          Mark, great video! Thanks for sharing your paddle trip and your story.


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            It was great. I was ducking along with you! But I have to say I was bummed we couldn't see you get out of the kayak. That had me nervous!
            Dave Bexfield


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              This post got be to finally buy a kayak.!!!! Pre MS, I kayaked in ocean, inlets, and tidal waters. But, I’m just going to use this in local man made lakes with no Wakes. Soooo, I’m pretty certain I’m going to buy a small sit in one, focusing on stability and ease of transporting. So I’m Eyeing an 8’ 28”w, 38 lbs kayak. I can pick it up off ground but Won’t be able to carry far. I fit inside comfortably. The seat is sit in style and supports my core/back well. And. It fits inside my car so I won’t have t lift it over my head to put on top of car. Since Arm strength and endurance is an issue for me, I’m unsure what paddles to buy and don’t want to make a costly mistake. I know I will use low angle strokes. Anyone have suggestions on best length paddle for 28” w kayak? What about type of paddle that will be most efficient for low strength/ endurance no wake lake.? Fiberglass is more expensive than aluminum, but will it make much difference for the way I’ll use? And some paddles are offset, angled, oval or square blade. Help, any suggestions???


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                Great resource on adaptive paddling


                carbon/fibreglass paddles reduce wrist and hand fatigue so worth the extra $

                Size guide

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                  Cl3me, thank you for link! Looks like I need a touring paddle. I’m going to try one out for size at sporting good store. Loved the picture too!


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                    Update! I finally bought a 8' sit in kayak, sacrificing length and speed for stability and ability to transport inside my car cabin. Now that we have "cooler" weather I'm gong to start venturing out. Excited!


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                      Geez, you have me interested! Might be a new hobby for me and my husband to explore. Thanks for providing all the links.