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  • A little help getting started

    Need a little help getting your exercise routines started? The American College of Sports Medicine has published a bonus issue of the Fit Society Page and again are urging readers to spread it around. No matter if you're getting off the couch for the first time ever or just a little slow taking up the post holiday re-start, this is just the ticket to kick off the new year. Have a read, good luck and enjoy,

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    Larry, this is great! I'm looking forward to really reading through the whole issue. Thanks for the share..
    Be thankful. Dream Big. Never Give Up.


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      This is JUST what I needed Larry.

      I have been sick since my trip to Mexico early in November (not MS just the yuck) and after 3 colds 2 bouts of pink eye and bronchitis that it took antibiotics that they use to treat anthrax to recover from I am left weak, with all my cardio fitness gone, and 10 pounds heavier.

      I am so frustrated to be starting over again, but glad I am finally better! This article is great. I do not want to know my body though I just want to gogogogo.