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  • MSers in Training 2016

    Thought I'd kick off our 2016 training thread with my first big ride of the year. On Sunday, January 3, took out my hand trike for a 2 hour spin in some brisk temps with Laura. Turned out to be a bit of an adventure!

    Exercise wise it was all aces:
    1,100 calories burned
    1:30 in the cardio zone
    121 bpm average heart rate

    Temperatures were in the low 40s, which was actually comfortable in the Albuquerque sun even wearing bike shorts (and ski socks, though). But I forgot about the shade on one portion of the trail that is all north facing. The snow from Christmas weekend hadn't melted and was packed and icy. For once, our trikes had a significant advantage. Even though we slipped all over the place, we were able to stay on the trail. Here is a pic from a tamer portion of the trail.

    But the highlight of the ride was the Albuquerque cliché that had everything but the anvil. We spotted a coyote, which I snapped a pic of here. Moments later it crossed the bike trail 10 yards ahead of us. Naturally right after I had put away my camera, doh!

    And then five short minutes up the trail, we spotted, naturally, a roadrunner. And it too posed for a better pic the second I zipped up my camera.

    And then at the end of the ride I ran into a couple of wheelchair tennis players at a court near our house and got all the info to give that a try. All in all a great start to 2016! (Alas for the next week the bike will be parked. El Nino has generously lined up four storms for us with snows and chilly temps.)

    How are all of you guys starting out the New Year? Getting fit? Staying fit? Making resolutions to remove butt from couch? Inquiring minds want to know!
    Dave Bexfield

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    2016 Here We Come!

    WooHoo Dave! Great ride and pictures. I love to stop along the way and snap as many cool shots as I can.
    I made it into the NYC Half Marathon in March. Although I did not get in via the lottery, I was able to secure a spot with the NY MS Chapter! Super excited! Official training starts in a few weeks, so for right now I am babying some angry knees (well trying to, running tonight with temps at 10) and strength training.
    Is anyone in the NY area running this?


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      Quick post here! Dave, I just had to comment on your ride report.... I swear I can see your s**t eating grin right through the back of your head/helmet! What a wonderful way to start the New Year...loved the photos....and loved that you are really living in the moment of the rides...nothing better than that.... Roll on Dave, Triker Dude!
      Be thankful. Dream Big. Never Give Up.


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        Way to go Dave, that's an awesome ride and you saw some really cool stuff!

        I am a baby when it comes to cold whether, so I have done 2 rides this year, inside on my trainer. I tried to to a third yesterday but dropped the chain on my trike 6 minutes into the ride, tried to fix it, failed and gave up!


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          Great pics Dave! I guess if I have a New Years resolution it will be to take more pics while I'm on the bike. And thanks for starting the thread.

          I also got outside last Tuesday. It was cold, wet, windy and icy but there seemed to always be a way through the crap for my two wheeled skinny tire bike. I found, not having ridden since the Tour de Tucson in late November, that my strength was impressively good, my cardio was also just fine but my endurance was completely trashed. I only managed a scant 12 miles over a hilly course and was very happy to be done at that.

          In place of riding, I've been hitting the weights and the elliptical, each twice a week, increasing weight and time every week. I need to get some core going.

          As for goals, I've had that Pikes Peak climb on my mind for a couple of years now so I've determined this is the year, "Pikes Peak or Bust." Although I don't expect to ever make it all the way to the top, I do think it'll be interesting to see just how far I can get. Of course if, by some form of divine intervention or what not, I did make it all the way, I would most certainly acquire enormous bragging rights, which I would then be forced to exercise at various cycling events such as the Copper Triangle and possibly the NM MS 150.

          We shall see, we shall see,

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            Ah, never underestimate bragging rights. Wise words, Larry.

            We've had below average temps in Albuquerque since Christmas, so we have been mired in the 30s mostly (never above 43), but today it got close so I was back out on the bike! With the sun, temps like that are fine. Got into the cardio zone for 58 minutes. Always bugs me when I miss a milestone like an hour. Laura suggested I flail my arms frantically for a few minutes, ha, ha.
            Dave Bexfield


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              Got out for one ride last week too, 23 miles, took it easy and felt good afterward. Also did weights twice and elliptical twice. The temperature swings must be getting to me though because I seem to have contracted some kind of chest crud. Oh well, hopefully back at it soon.


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                Belated good wishes to all for 2016!

                Dave, love the kick off to the year with your ride.

                Training is going well. In addition to a daily swim and pool workout, I'm working with a trainer twice a week. Incorporating many things I've learned along the way with other physios,trainers and new exercises with her. Always interesting, I'm much more fatigued after a muscle building session than a big swim. Of course, it's temporary and it feels good the next day.

                Take care all, I love hearing about everyone's winter training.

                Teena Marie


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                  Had a head and chest cold last week, exercised my mind by reading a couple of trash novels. Back at it today though with some light exercise at the club. The weather's looking up here, 60's in the forecast, should be out on the bike again soon!

                  Hope you guys back east are getting dug out. What a storm!



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                    So today Facebook helpfully shared that 4 years ago I was bringing home my new 2-wheeled bike Ruby. Now I am entering season 2 on my trike. Oh what a difference 4 years have made!

                    So to drag myself out of my pity party and do my planned work out, a sufferfest video with my bike on the trainer.

                    I was still feeling a bit sorry for myself so I reviews my year to date info on Strava. 15 rides this year, 183 miles and 15 h 2 m on the bike. Not bad.

                    Still feeling a little down I updated my bikeMS page, something I have been putting off for weeks. And NOW I feel better. I did the 150 miles last year, this year I am really hoping all these hard indoor work outs amount to something and that I am faster then next year.

                    On another note, I signed up for an early May Century. Less then 300 feet of elevations for the 100 miles. My dream course
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                      You're way ahead of me Marina, I saw you've started speed drills already, good ones too, nice!

                      We just got a foot of snow and temperatures are currently in the single digits which means it'll be a while before the snows gone, but I did get 75 miles in last week before that all happened. My endurance is coming back!

                      I'm still hitting the weight room twice a week, ellipticals if I can't get outside on the bike, core and yoga. Getting something in 5 or 6 days per week. I'm also trying to figure out how to train for the Pikes Peak hill climb???

                      Hope everyone is getting some time in,


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                        Glad to hear the training reports. Larry, Denver weather really is had some 60's and got miles and miles in, and now a foot of snow? Wow...keeps you changing up the routines, huh?

                        Teena Marie, I always marvel at your dedication to the daily swim...even if it IS in your living room....

                        Marina, I'm just impressed with your planning an MS150 in May...Another similarity between us ( but don't tell Dave, he'll find another cartoon.. ) is that 4 years ago I also bought my Bike Friday when I thought that would solve my issues....and also loved it. I'm gonna cut the ties this spring and sell it..... For me, I've gotta move on..

                        Dave, our fearless leader, reading your ride reports and loving the nature reports, but also it has me finally thinking about getting a heart rate monitor for my workouts. This is something I have never used.....any recommendations???

                        And as for me, well, I am happy to report that I am Back in the Ring! Today I did my first Sufferfest video since November, and boy was it rough! And I honestly don't think much of it was from my recent relapse.....more just lack of training! At one point, toward the end of this video, it blasts " Freight Train Baby" on the screen, and usually I am cruising at this point and giving the screen Thumbs Up and being totally ridiculous yell " Yes!!" .... well today I felt like the Little Engine That Could....I think I groaned at that point! Some of the recovery periods I didn't spin AT ALL and really felt my cadence and effort was way down there. This video has the racer practically throwing his bike aside at the end.....I had greater empathy for him today than ever!! Would have thrown the trike but I was sitting on it!!

                        But I think you can tell I found the humor in this, and I know that I am just rebuilding, and it WILL happen.... Feels good....I am pooped right now, but feels good.....
                        Be thankful. Dream Big. Never Give Up.


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                          Good day to all,

                          Always great to hear all the news and impressive training schedules. Quickly, swimming continues and a home trainer twice weekly. It's paying off. Stronger and sturdier. I'm attaching 2 pictures taken exactly a year apart of me on skis which I think accurately depicts some positive changes namely, my left leg is straighter and I am more upright.

                          Take care all,

                          Teena Marie

                          pictures not attaching so will post later


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                            ski 2015.jpg

                            Trying. We'll see

                            ski 2016_2.JPG


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                              After having the pictures too big, now I've shrunk them. But, I think the general idea is visible.