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    Originally posted by Hondo View Post
    The key is to DO SOMETHING EVERY DAY. Don't let a day go by without focused exercise activity.
    Wise words.
    I hope others won't face too much difficulty with gym closures during this pandemic, but there are many things you can do at home with no equipment, like squats, wall push ups or "real" pushups, stair stepping...

    I am very fortunate to still be quite able, but I am now in a setback due to stupid home accident injury, similar to your arm problem but not as severe.

    I dropped a big ceramic tile on my foot and now can't put much weight on my left foot until it heals, so I have discovered some great chair workouts on Youtube! It's amazing how many fitness resources are there online. Keep moving! Movement is life; life is movement


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      C19 update

      So our gym is still closed for another couple of weeks. Until then I'm doing some German Volume training. Focusing on bench presses and squats. I do a day of 10-12 sets of bench presses from flat to inclined. The next day I do that with dumbell squats. The next day I either golf with a cart or go to Costco and walk with a shopping cart. Then a rest day. Then repeat. It's a nice change of pace. Because when the gym reopens, then it's commitment time again.


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        So our gym opened about 2 months ago. German Volume Training is the answer for strength. Basically, it means 6-8 sets of targeted strength training 5-9 reps of each set. Start with an easy weight that's low enough to do these reps and sets. When you can do 9 reps, move up to the next higher weight. In between each set rest for 2-3 minutes.

        So one day it's upper body work(chest flys, back pulls, pull downs, shoulder presses). The next day is core (back extensions, ab crunches). The 3rd day is lower body (leg presses, leg extensions, abductor, adductor, weighted cable kick outs and leg pull backs). 4th day is yoga stretching and balance work(swinging a golf club). 5th day is light cardio (20-30 min of whatever you can do (bike, rope pull, elliptical, treadmill walking)). Next day is rest, maybe light stretching. Rinse and repeat.

        This is HARD WORK, but no injuries, no muscle pulls, no soreness and real gains in functionality and strength. Need to eat well and get enough sleep. Also be aware to take it easy afterwards because sometimes my energy drops over a cliff a few hours after intense workouts. Sometimes I even need a cat nap. Also, do this during the cool part of the day or in air conditioning. Eat fruits, vegetables, legumes, lean protein, multivitamin and plenty of water. But it is WORKING!!! I'm seeing noticeable gains in both muscular strength and muscular endurance. Really, I'm sold.

        Hope it works out for you too. Let me know your thoughts.
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          Sounds awesome, will need to start at 2-3sets and build up to 8-12 then think about increasing weight.


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            That's right Adie. If 2-3 sets is where you're at, then great. Try to add another set or 2 each week. Keep adding until you can do 6-8 sets. When that is reasonable, then look to add some weight. Add the smallest increment that you can. You want steady safe progress.
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              HAHA just done 3 sets of Dumbbell Chest press 5KGx12 reps and Dumbbell triceps extensions 3x5KG for 12 reps but read message again and notice its 6-9 reps i have to shoot for Ha well next time.
              My other day is cable rows for back and D/B curls for biceps
              Next day Shoulder D/B press Leg Extension and calve raisers
              What you Think Hondo ?


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                I think you're rocking it Adie.

                Focus on one body area each day. For example, one day for Upper Body (chest, back, shoulders arms). Next day Lower Body(thighs, legs, adduction/abduction). Third day core and lower back. Fourth day only stretching and maybe light cardio. Fifth day rest. Then start over. You want to limit you reps to 5-9 so that you can do more sets. 3 sets is fine for a start, but try to work up to 6-8 sets. Rest a few minutes between sets. Eat well(fruits, veggies, lean meat/fish, vitamins) and get good rest. When you can do 8 sets, then try to move up to the next increment of weight.

                You will see real gains in strength. This isn't just to look good at the beach. We're going after increased functionality, maybe even neural regeneration.

                Update: I have found that I do best when I have 3 days rest in between targeted areas. For example, my lower body workout is on Monday, Friday, then the next week's Wednesday. Then Monday and Friday again. Repeat... The extra day of rest allows me to 'go for' a workout. I am seeing better strength gains and I'm crashing energywise less often.
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