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Exercise bike making strange noises and has green ooze?

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  • Exercise bike making strange noises and has green ooze?

    So, I have had a gold's gym exercise bike for about a year and have used it with great success to lose weight (lost 60 lbs by using it since June), but tonight I came across a problem. When I attempted to use it, it made a weird hissing sound while I was pedaling. When I looked in the part where the pedals were to see what was going on, I found a greenish yellow substance. Would anyone happen to know what is the cause of this? and how to fix it?
    The substance wasn't there yesterday and it was not making the hissing sound yesterday, either.

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    Maybe it's a lubricant? You might be able to find an owner's manual online if you have the model number?

    Have you tried doing a Google search? There's likely someone else out there who's seen your issue and posted something online.


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      I really hope you didn't squish some bug inside. It would be a good idea to go to the store where you bought it (or any other that has them) and ask them. they should be experienced, especially if they repair them too.


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        Green or yellow-green ooze near moving parts is almost always associated with bushings that are not happy. As most bushings wear out the brass bushing component is worn away and mixed with teh factory applied lubricant. As the brass oxidized it turns a greenish color. depending on the lubricant its mixing into that can result in a discharge ranging from an off-yellow to green. The reason its being squeezed out is that the volume of lubricant is increasing as the brass becomes suspended in the lube and then the brass oxidizes (reacts with and incorporates oxygen and water) and increases in volume some more, eventually exceeding the capacity of the area its supposed to stay in...

        The remedy is to replace the worn components.

        Fantastic job losing 60#!!!!!!

        *nerding all day is what I do...