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Believe It or Not, It Happened On a Bike

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  • Believe It or Not, It Happened On a Bike

    I rode my bike down to the Washington Park Rec Center and was doing my usual Wednesday morning activities when a rec center attendant announces that a large group of cyclist will be coming by shortly including the Governor of Colorado and Lance Armstrong.

    Well, an old MSer getting a chance to ride with Lance Armstrong just doesn’t come along every day so I grabbed my stuff and quickly geared back up. I was just starting to fill my water bottle when someone yelled out “there they go” and sure enough, there was a group of several hundred cyclists with police escorts flying down the street in front of the building. I gimped out of the building as fast as I could, jumped on my bike and joined the gaggle of groupies tagging along behind the celebrities but still in front of the last escort vehicle.

    I never really got to see Lance but I did sort of get to ride with the group that he was in for about a half a mile. That should count for a “Believe it or not column” shouldn’t it?

    Cool things happen when you’re on a bike.


    Anybody got a bike story?

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    When I was teaching myself how to ride a bike, I use to go to a nearly empty parking lot near my home.

    You could see the parking lot from the street.

    While practicing, rather stumbling, around on my new bike, I had three guys stop by to see if I needed help.

    Sounds nice but two of the guys were drunk and the other a little nuts.

    I guess seeing me stumbling around made them think I was a fellow soul mate or potential bar buddy.

    Of course I couldn't get a man unless I tackled him on the street but weaving around on a bike got me three potential dates

    "Are you okay Miss? Hey, nice bike!"
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      Just got a new bike, much lighter than my 20yo mountain bike. Last time I took my mountain bike in to the shop they all laughed and said they hadn't seen 'those old brakes' for a long time.

      I decided to opt out of toe clips, last time I rode my husband's bike, I forgot I was using them and when I attempted to stop and put my foot down, I fell over next to a busy road.

      Thinking biking will be low impact and help strengthen my legs and lower back. It might even help my balance. Just have to remember to not do it if I even feel a little dizzy.

      Any hints on preventing hand numbness? My neuro says it is from carpal tunnel, not MS, but who really cares what the cause is when your hands go numb while riding a bike. I was trying to see if there were some gloves that would support my wrists instead of trying to use the carpal tunnel supports I have.



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        Welcome, love to see a new cyclist join the ranks. I hope you will find cycling as therapeutic as I have. At the very least, it’s wiped out the fatigue, strengthened my lower body and, I believe, helped with the “cog fog”.

        On the numb hand problem, I think the first thing I’d do is to go back to the bike shop and have them check your fit to the bike. Too much pressure on the handlebars is probably the most common cause of that problem and if you get lucky, a tweak here or there might alleviate it. It’s a place to start anyway. If you are planning to get as serious about cycling, as I see you’ve been with walking, I’d also recommend you get a good book like “Bicycling Medicine” by Arnie Baker. There will undoubtedly be other cycling related ailments.

        Good luck, hope to hear more from you as you ride down the trail